Volos: Last farewell to the 4-month-old infant who was killed

Volos: Last farewell to the 4-month-old infant who was killed
Volos: Last farewell to the 4-month-old infant who was killed

The most difficult time for parents. The climax of the drama about the infant who was killed. Volos said goodbye to the little angel, with the scenes at the funeral being heartbreaking…

The last act of the drama was played shortly after 11:00 in the morning at the “Koukos” Intermunicipal Cemetery in Volos. The family of the 4-month-old infant who was killed after a traffic accident that occurred on Saturday night, November 4, on Iasonos Street, is burying his little girl.

In the special space that exists in the cemetery for infants, scenes of ancient tragedy unfolded. Because the girl was unbaptized, there was no regular funeral, but a prayer was read over her grave.

According to what thenewspaper.gr records, the unfortunate infant was buried with his two favorite teddy bears in the small white coffin, while her parents also put a stuffed heart on her last journey.

It is recalled that the autopsy showed that the little girl had severe head injuries. Chrysavgi Koussi, the medical examiner who examined the body of the 4-month-old infant, spoke of a severe head injury, “compatible with a fall from a height and impact of the head on the road surface. The infant had only one mark on his face,” Ms. Koussi noted.

The driver of the machine to the investigator

The investigator will review a series of videos. Specifically, footage from cameras was requested from the entrance of Iasonos Street, up to the point of the traffic accident at the junction with Antonopoulou Street in order to check the driving behavior of the 33-year-old before he dragged the grandfather who was holding the baby in his arms with his motorbike.

The 33-year-old was taken to the public prosecutor on Sunday and is being held at the police station, having the support of a psychologist. He was devastated, unable to utter a word and seemed to have no idea what had happened. He only explained how he saw the infant’s 54-year-old grandfather suddenly in front of him and braked.

The accident happened at 22:00 on Saturday night when the grandfather tried to cross the road with the child in his arms. The 53-year-old was injured and the child was thrown to the pavement. The infant’s 45-year-old grandmother grabbed the child from the street and immediately got into a taxi, whose driver had stopped to see what happened.

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