Extension of operation and guided tours of the periodical exhibition “Timeless Approaches to Love”


On the occasion of the extension of the periodical exhibition “Timeless readings of love” until the end of 2023, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Larisa is planning two tours for the public for the month of November, on Friday 17/11 and Saturday 25/11 at 11.30 a.m.
The exhibition, which has been hosted since May at the Timeless Museum of Larissa, was organized as part of the “EROS”-8th OPEN NIGHTS festival and highlights the theme of love through museum exhibits and works by contemporary artists.

Starting from the “Chronology” section, a route is followed in the permanent exhibition and in selected places, where vases, figurines and jewelry are exhibited on the theme of the manifestations of love in the emotional and carnal dimension. At the same time, the contemporary artistic creations “Eros” (oil on canvas, 245X210cm.) by Konstantinos Papargyris and “Invisible Love” (visual work/digital installation) by Theodoros Rados connect the past of art with the present.

Concept – Realization – Artistic direction: OFF ART-Roula Karaferi.

Participation in guided tours with the museum ticket.

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