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Surgeon Stelios Tsochantzis is leaving Agios Andreas

Surgeon Stelios Tsochantzis is leaving Agios Andreas
Surgeon Stelios Tsochantzis is leaving Agios Andreas

Surgeon Stelioss Tsochantzis and its secretary Association of Hospital Doctors of Achaia he leaves the Agios Andreas General Hospital for the Bostanio Hospital of Mytilene and the staff of the Surgery say goodbye to him.

In their statement they state:

The workers of his Surgery G.N. Patras “AG. ANDREW” feel the need to express their warm thanks to an adequate Doctor Scientist, but above all to a Human with a capital Athe Surgeon Stelios Tsochatzis who leaves our Hospital for the Bostanio Hospital of Mytilene.

In these few years that he was with us, with his tireless efforts, he offered his endless hours of duty, his medical services, alleviating the pain of our fellow human beings and was always next to anyone who asked for his help.

In the hours when he was not exercising his medical function, Stelios Tsochatzis from the EINA register as Secretary, devoted enough time to the essential upgrading of the NHS, always benevolently correcting the bad texts and proposing solutions treating the chronic pathologies of the system.

He served in our Hospital as an Assistant Surgeon and is heading to the Bostanio Hospital of Mytilene, his place of origin, in a permanent position of Curator in the NHS.

For our Hospital and for the citizens of the region, the flight of Stelios Tsochatzis will be a great loss.

May his will prosper, to stay in our Hospital and in the city he loved and stayed in since his student years at the Medical School of Patras.

All the employees of the Surgery wholeheartedly wish him every success in his new duties and we hope that he can soon return to us.

The NHS and our Hospital need such Doctors!

With regards, the employees of the Surgery of G.N. Patras “AG. ANDREW”

The article is in Greek


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