“Ioannina Project” with five events

“Ioannina Project” with five events
“Ioannina Project” with five events

The beginning takes place on Sunday, November 19, at 7 pm, at the Fethiye Mosque, with the theatrical lecture “Frostiness”. The text is by Michalis Speggos and the foreword by Anastasios Papastavros. Foreword by Iulia Papastavrou and interpretation by Danae Tzima. Musical interventions by Marina Papageorgiou, directed by Panagiotis Georgoulas. Vivian Vlachou, Mariam Garanatsi, Sofia Sioziou, Apostolos Tzimas, Katerina Stefanou participate.
The narrator, a not-so-intelligent but beautiful cousin of Mrs. Phrosyna, recounts the dramatic events surrounding the drowning of Phrosyna Vassiliou in the lake of the city of Ioannina • events that over time touched the limits of myth and popular imagination reduced them to a pan-Hellenic legend. The era of Ali Pasha is eloquently highlighted through historical evidence, collected and utilized by the Ioannina researcher and collector Anastasios Papastavrou. Duration: 45′.

On Monday 20 November, at 9.30 in the morning, it starts at the Museum of Contemporary Art “Th. Papagiannis” in Elliniko n artistic activity “Clay and Fire, Word and Notes”. An experiential journey through time and art, with the visual creations of the Ioannina sculptor Theodoros Papagiannis, accompanied by traditional Epirotian music, performed on site by students of the Ioannina “Nikolaos Doumbas” Music School. The philologist-poet Giorgos Koulianos reads characteristic textual passages about the history of the place and tells myths and legends of the wider area. This is followed by a guided tour of the Museum’s exhibits by their creator Theodoros Papagiannis himself. The activity, lasting 70 minutes, is aimed at secondary school students, and aims to familiarize them with texts, images, sounds and symbols of the living tradition of the place.

On the same day, at 9 in the evening, it is presented at the Kaberio Theater theater lecture “Voices of the Diaspora”. The work deals with the last diaspora of the modern Greeks, from the end of the 19th century to the present day. The Greek state was largely made up of Greeks who came from different horizons such as the Danubian regions, the Pontus, central Europe, Ionian Ionia. In the play, voices, existences, and characters from all over this multifaceted and multifaceted world are heard and co-exist… They are connected by the Greek chant, the consciousness of human fate, which continues its difficult course with ups and downs, never in a straight line. He is like Sisyphus and Hercules with a constant need for self-denial and hard trials. The Diaspora enriches the psyche, with images, experiences, memories. It is a vault of the subconscious. The renewed historiography – mythology of each generation or even generations. In the play the characters express different views and ways of life. Confessional and apologetic monologues, memories, phrases, words transformed into dramatized poetry. The loneliness of a Smyrna family in Greece. The isolation of an old sailor from Sinope in a nursing home in Lavrio. The uncertain and difficult survival of a former laborer from Germany who works occasionally as a clown in a circus, having lived in a Europe of contrasts and social changes. Text by Christoforos Christofis, direction, animation and lighting by Panagiotis Georgoulas. Interpretation Theatrical Form AO. Duration 60′.

On Tuesday November 21, at 8 pm, at the Kaberio Theater, a evening of poetry with twelve Ioannis creators. Poets who were born, lived, or moved away from their birthplace, as well as others who chose to make Ioannina their second home, present characteristic examples of their poetic creations to the art-loving public of the city. The creators Vassilis Gourogiannis, Anna Dereka, Tasos Kanatsis, Giorgos Koulianos, Panos Kyparissis, Lamprini Liatsou, Penelope Marneli, Vassilis Nitsiakos, Iota Partheniou, Tasos Porphyris, Noni Stamatelou, Panagiotis Tsamatos are participating either in person or with their work. The actors Evangelos Athanasiou, Panagiotis Georgoulas, Danae Tzima and Apostolos Tzimas complete the readings. The intellectual stock of the capital of Epirus is enriched with the contemporary poetic works of another restless generation, which manages to keep alive the literary identity and the general artistic tradition of the city in the 21st century, with a high quality and substantial content, making the well-known phrase: “Iannina first in the chariots, in the grosias and in the letters”, largely justified.

The curtain of the “Ioannina Project” closes with theater performance “Voices of Epirot” on Wednesday, November 22, at 9 pm, at the Kaberio Theater. Angeliki Papazoglou, Georgios Hatzis Pelleren, Elisavet Kastrisoia, Nikolaos Zosimas, Eleni Tositsa and Nissim Levi return for a while to the city they loved to tell us about their lives and remind us of our obligations towards them and towards the our place…Text – directed by Panagiotis Georgoulas. They perform (in order of appearance): Vivian Vlachou (Elisavet Kastrisoya), Panagiotis Georgoulas (Nicolaos Zosimas), Mariam Garanatsi (Georgios Hatzis Pelleren), Sofia Siosiou (Elene Tositsa), Apostolos Tzimas (Nissim Levi), Katerina Stefanou (Aggeliki Papazoglou). Marina Papageorgiou accordion.

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