DIAYNET invades Thrace


Written by Nikos Arvanitis

“Take your Child and Come to the Morning Prayer” is the title of the new action of the representatives of political Islam who serve the purposes of the Turkish parastate in Thrace.

On Sunday 5/11/2023, a related “catechism” event was held at the Arsinois Street mosque, while the following Sunday a similar event will take place in Pelekiti of the Municipality of Iasmos.

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The Role of DIYANET

Behind these actions is the parastatal and illegal parallel structure of Pseudo-Mufti Ibrahim Sherif who follows the orders of his employer which is DIYANET, Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs.

There is an amazing increase in the number of staff of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, DIAYNET..

The number of Diyanet staff paid from the public budget increased by 60 thousand people in the last 6 years and reached 211 thousand 154 in June 2023.

The Ismailaga community is one of several that fall under the umbrella of the Naqshbandi-Khalidi order, a Sufi branch of Sunni Islam that also includes sects such as Menzil, Suleymancilar and Iskenderpasa. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to have been a fan of the latter and to have maintained ties to the group.

Under the AKP’s 20-year rule, religious sects known as tarikats have further expanded their influence in education, where they operate cheap student hostels in addition to organizing Koran classes for children.

The Turkish parastate in Thrace promotes the plans of DIAYNET and parastate political Islam.

DIYANET funds the pseudo muftis and their network.

Another war is taking place in Thrace, where the National Military Police of Komotini plays an important role.

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