Thessaloniki: 1,200 fines per month are cut by the OASTH – Most of the students

Thessaloniki: 1,200 fines per month are cut by the OASTH – Most of the students
Thessaloniki: 1,200 fines per month are cut by the OASTH – Most of the students

The Urban Transport Organization of Thessaloniki appeals to the public, especially students, to validate a ticket when traveling with the buses of the OASTH.

According to the data of the OASTH Revenue Assurance Directorate about 1,200 fines are imposed every month, the majority of which concern students.

It is emphasized that the purpose of the OASTH is not the imposition of fines, but the safe movement of passengers. The Agency’s auditors, the employees of the Revenue Assurance Directorate, as well as the Administration of the OASTH, are not happy with the imposition of fines. For the Organization to cover its obligations, it must have income. That is why the movement is not free, but the use of a ticket is required.

The cost of tickets

OASTH, depending on the needs of the passengers, has the following types of tickets available:

Types of tickets



Basic single journey ticket



Timed ticket for two journeys within 70 minutes of the hour



Timed ticket for three journeys within 90 minutes of the hour (only at ticket offices)



Timed ticket for four journeys within 120 minutes of the hour (only at ticket offices)



Cultural Line (50) and Macedonia airport ticket (01X, 01N) (only at ticket offices and on the cultural line)



Passengers can purchase these tickets from 650 convenience stores in the Thessaloniki Regional Unit, but also from the 15 ticket offices of the OATH, located throughout the city.

The automatic ticket issuing machines that the Organization has installed inside its buses, only have tickets of €0.45, €0.90 and €1.80 and do not give change.

Unlimited travel cards

As long as a passenger makes more than 30 journeys per month, the monthly card with unlimited journeys is economically more advantageous. But even for fewer journeys per month, there are cards for a longer period of time, which are more economical than simple tickets. The following table lists in detail the type of cards and their price:



Monthly pass


Monthly Reduced Pupil – Student Fee


Monthly Reduced for those with multiple children over 65


3 month card


3-month Reduced Student Fee – Student Fee


3-month discount for multiple children over 65


6 month card


6-month Reduced Student Fee – Student Fee


6-month reduction for many children over 65




Annual Reduced Student Tuition – Student Tuition


Annual Discount for those with multiple children over 65


The fines

OASTH is obliged, based on the legislation, to impose fines on passengers who travel without paying a fee.

The fine corresponds to 60 times the normal or reduced (if eligible) basic tickets. Therefore, each fine amounts to 54 euros in full and 27 euros reduced.

If a fine is not collected within two months of its imposition, by law it is forwarded to the local Tax Offices, where it is multiplied fivefold and claimed as Public Revenue.

This means that a fine is converted from 54 to 270 euros and from 27 to 135 euros respectively.

The supporting documents for the students

Students for reduced fare travel should have their academic ID with them. Especially for first-year students who have not yet issued their academic ID, the OATH informs that for their convenience, until November 30, they can show the auditors the certificate of registration at the relevant educational institution or the printout of the electronic registration, as well as the their police ID.

For more information as well as bus lines, routes, optimal routes, you can visit the Organization’s website

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