Screening of the movie “Little Nicholas: What Are We Waiting For To Be Happy?” at Options Cinemas


Little Nicholas: What Are We Waiting For To Be Happy?

The birth of Little Nicholas in traditional, beautiful, two-dimensional animation. The film will be shown dubbed in Greek. From November 9 in theaters.

Crouching over a blank sheet of paper somewhere between Montmartre and Saint-Germain, Jean-Jacques Sebet and René Gossini breathe life into a mischievous boy, little Nicolas. An episodic life full of play, friends, puns, punishments, valuable lessons and disagreements unfolds before Little Nicholas. As the story unfolds, the playful boy sneaks into his creators’ studio and learns about their acquaintance and friendship, as well as their childhoods.

Produced by: Christel Henon, Adrian Politowski, Aton Schumacher
Directed by: Amandine Fredon, Benjamin Masoubr
Screenplay: Anne Gossini, Michel Fessier, Benjamin Massoubre
Editing: Benjamin Masoubr
Music: Ludovic Burs
Duration: 82 minutes

LITTLE NICHOLAS: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR TO BE HAPPY? (Le petit Nicolas) trailer (transl.)

The article is in Greek


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