Panathinaikos has the best forward duo in Greece

Panathinaikos has the best forward duo in Greece
Panathinaikos has the best forward duo in Greece

November 7, 2023 – 12:25 p.m

Panathinaikos definitely has the best forward duo in Greece! Sporar and Ioannidis score and assist at every opportunity

THE Panathinaikos was the winner of the match. It wasn’t just his triumph PAOK in Piraeus or the AEK clash with Kifissia.

It was also the great victory of his team Jovanovic in Lamia. Against an excellent team that will make it difficult for everyone. On Sunday (12/11), don’t forget that he is playing in New Philadelphia. With what AEK and Lamia have shown so far, a new twist by the home team should not be ruled out.

THE Panathinaikos, the point is that he did a great job in Lamia. Although he was not good, although he had certain themes in his game that made an impression. As e.g. trying to develop from the back lines with Gedwai.

He had not shown this before Jovanovic.

THE Panathinaikos Nevertheless it’s not like he’s first with +4 from Olympiakos, AEK and +5 from PAOK.

It is that they are in good momentum for the championship. What looks impressive is the contribution of his forwards. It has by far the best duo in Greece.

That is, where e.g. AEK has scored 1 goal in the league from Ponce, Levia Garcia, Araujo, Panathinaikos from Sporar, Ioannidis, has 7

The Slovenian’s goal in Lamia was No. 4, while O Ioannidis he has 3. Already the two forwards have scored 15 goals this season and it’s not even half of November yet.

THE Sporar has 8 and o Ioannidis 7.

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