New mini ‘insurance’ – Single benefits for all coming in 2024

New mini ‘insurance’ – Single benefits for all coming in 2024
New mini ‘insurance’ – Single benefits for all coming in 2024

November 7, 2023 – 12:20 p.m

The Ministry of Labor is promoting the complete change of the insurance fund benefits landscape after the middle of 2024, i.e. in less than a year from today.

The reason for the benefits of the (formerly) insurance-pension funds which have been integrated into the e-EFKA (and not OPECA social benefits which are given based on income criteria and DYPA unemployment benefits). That is, the sickness benefits, the maternity protection benefits, work accident benefits, funeral expensesbut also allowances granted to persons with disabilities.

The central axis of the planned change in the wider area of ​​social security (which includes the aforementioned benefits and not only pensions) will be the following: Each insured person will receive the same amount of provision from e-EFKA for the corresponding reason (e.g. illness, accident, etc.) and not a different amount (depending on the special regime still in force in each former fund) as it is to this day.

Increases and decreases aimed at the average

According to exclusive information from competent government sources, the goal is to unify the rules of the above benefits – which concern all insured persons (retired and economically active) – in a fair but fiscally neutral wayi.e. without reducing the existing expenditure of the state budget.

However, the formulation of uniform rules, the same sources report, means that those insured have benefits (e.g. in case of illness, funeral expenses), which are above average will see their height decreasewhile those insured with below-average benefits will see them increase.

This fluctuation depends more on the supply, the same sources say. For example, even one insured from one fund is entitled to a sickness benefit above the average of this benefit, as it results from the payments made by all the funds. The sickness benefit to this insured person will fall to the average level. If an insured person of another fund is currently entitled to a sickness benefit below the average of the same benefit, he will see it rise to the level of the average.

It is recalled that the formulation of uniform rules for benefits also for the non-pension benefits of the e-EFKA (and not only for pensions) has been pending since 2017, when all insurance-pension funds were found under the same “roof”.

Last week, according to a relevant announcement, the Ministry of Labor signed the decisions to set up the Working Groups for the Uniform Regulation of Sickness Benefits and the Uniform Rules for pensions and disability benefits.

In the first phase, they are asked to list the number of existing hashed rules:

– For her grant of cash benefits, such as sickness benefits, maternity protection benefits, work accident benefits, funeral expenses, but also benefits and programs managed by e-EFKA, such as children’s camps. The primary objective is to capture the scattered conditions and procedures for awarding the above benefits.

– For the conditions, the procedures for the pension and allowance benefits granted to people with disabilities, with an emphasis on identifying the scope of coverage of the beneficiaries’ needs.

In the immediate future, the working groups are invited to deliver a complete conclusion which will incorporate integrated proposals to unify the rules and will suggest new, uniform rules for the specific categories of benefits. The government’s goal, according to the same sources, is to have legislation in the above fields after the middle of 2024 and for the changes foreseen by the upcoming provisions to take effect immediately after.


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