Rural Road Construction of the Municipality of Eordaia


Contract for the execution of the project concerning Rural Road Construction of the Municipality of Eordaiatotal budget 3,950,000.00 euros (with VAT) and amount of contractual object €2,483,053.25 euros (including VAT), signed by the Mayor of Eordaia Panagiotis Plakentas and the legal representative of the contracting company “PYRAMIS ANONYMI ETERIA”. The signing of the contract was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Technical Works, Town Planning & Planning of European Programs of the Municipality of Eordaia, Nikolaos Fourkiotis.

This is a very important project with the completion of which will improve, to a large extent, existing rural roads, which due to the weather conditions and their insufficient maintenance could not adequately serve the rural population of the area, at the same time posing risks of accidents.

The roads that will be improved serve a large number of farms with tree crops, vineyards, areas with energy crops, corn and it is considered necessary to pave them, so that access to these properties can be uninterrupted in all seasons of the year.

The works provided for in this project concern the improvement of existing access roads to agricultural land and livestock holdings, with the aim of reducing the cost of transporting products, easier and faster access for agricultural machinery, as well as the faster, safer and more economical transport of perishables products.

Ensuring easy and safe access to agricultural holdings in rural areas throughout the year, regardless of season and weather conditions, with the parallel improvement and modernization of farming and animal husbandry methods (access to machinery and equipment, easy handling of production, modern infrastructure and facilities, etc.), contributes to increasing the competitiveness of farms, with positive effects on agricultural income as well.

With this specific project, the Municipality of Eordaia responds to the constant need to improve rural road construction, with the priority of facilitating the daily life of the rural population of the region. Indeed, in the context of the upcoming ligniteization of the region, the contribution of the project to the achievement of a fair energy transition will be decisive, covering a number of needs, acting as an incentive for the return of the new generation to work again in the Primary Production Sector, which must again be an important component of development.

The existence of correct bases, attractive conditions and necessary infrastructures are of primary importance for the implementation of the planning of the municipal authority. Therefore, the promotion of the agricultural and livestock sector is dominant and of strategic importance for the wider development of the region, creating opportunities and at the same time solving chronic as well as new problems.

It should be noted that the construction of the project, which will include close to 20 kilometers of rural road constructionis expected to be completed in 2 years while its financing is provided by the Program “Antonis Tritsis.

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