Thessaloniki: The trial for the murderous abduction of Emma was postponed

Thessaloniki: The trial for the murderous abduction of Emma was postponed
Thessaloniki: The trial for the murderous abduction of Emma was postponed

The trial for the murderous abduction of 21-year-old Emma in Thessaloniki, scratches the open wound that her parents have and it will never heal,…

The start of the trial for the death of 21-year-old Emma, ​​who was carried away last November by a passing I.X., was postponed until tomorrow. car in her attempt to cross Egnatia Street, at the height of Kamara, as a result of which she lost her life. The 27-year-old driver of the I.X. of a car which, in addition to dangerous driving, is accused of abandoning the victim on the road.

The trial was scheduled to begin today, but the 27-year-old defendant’s side requested an adjournment, due to his defense attorney’s higher court commitments. The request was rejected, with a corresponding recommendation of the district attorney. “This case will be done” said the president of the court and informed the defendant that care will be taken to appoint another defense attorney.

The indictment, which includes 12 witnesses and among them expert witnesses, charges the driver with the criminal act of dangerous driving resulting in death, as well as the offenses of leaving a traffic accident and driving without a license. The 27-year-old remains temporarily detained and with a recent will of the competent judicial council, his pre-trial detention was extended until April 2024, when the relevant 18 months expires.

“He was running at 104 km/h”

As described in the indictment, the 27-year-old was not the owner of the fatal car. The car had been modified to multiply the horsepower and increase its performance, while the technical expertise showed that it was technically unsafe and dangerous.

It is characteristic that the accused driver allegedly developed excessive speed, which reached 104 km/h, with a permitted limit of 50 km/h.

The unfortunate student of the Veterinary School was hospitalized for five days in the ICU of Papageorgiou Hospital where she finally breathed her last. Showing greatness of soul and despite their deep grief, the parents proceeded to donate her organs.

“Thriller without end”

In the morning, the parents of the 21-year-old girl appeared in the courts of Thessaloniki and in statements they asked for justice to be served. “A year without Emma is a nightmare, it’s like living a thriller movie that has no end,” said her mother, expressing her wish for justice to be served.

For his part, her father emphasized: “A year has passed, Emma, ​​our child, is not coming back. No court can bring her back to us. He must be punished (the accused) for the evil he has done, for setting an example…”.

It should be noted that the 20-year-old co-driver of the vehicle was initially charged for the same case, who was prosecuted for complicity in dangerous driving and abandonment, but was subsequently acquitted of her criminal responsibilities.

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