Vandalism of plane trees in the tree line of Aristomenouis street


Following an autopsy by an agronomist of the Directorate of Geotechnical Services of the Municipality of Kalamata, on the eastern sidewalk of Aristomenouis street at the junction with B.

Kon/nou (Aristomenou 85), it was found that an unknown person had cut two plane trees with a related tool (hand saw, chain saw).

This fact is particularly important because, on the one hand, someone unknown carried out illegal acts of vandalism of public property in the city center, on the other hand, these acts may lead to the drying of the trees with all that this implies.

It should be noted that in November 2020, a neighboring plane tree was also vandalized and dried, for which a relevant report had been made by the Service (no. Y.S. 152/23.6.21).

The fact that some citizens do not want the trees to exist and are carrying out illegal and dangerous acts in the center of the city we consider to be a particularly important fact and for this reason the Service has been asked to undertake relevant initiatives, in order to search for them, to identify the perpetrators (material from security cameras, etc.) and impose the prescribed sanctions on them.


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