Contest: sends you to the show “Agonia Ieri” at the Lines of Art!

Contest: sends you to the show “Agonia Ieri” at the Lines of Art!
Contest: sends you to the show “Agonia Ieri” at the Lines of Art!

07 Nov 2023 13:00

The conditions of participation for the two double invitations

The sends you to the show “Sacred Agony” in Art Lines!

All you have to do is send a message to his community on Viber by entering your name and the subject of the competition to be automatically entered into the draw to be one of two lucky winners to win a double invite. (One concerns the performance on Friday 10/11 at 21:30 and the other the performance on Saturday 11/11 at 21:00).

The names of the winners at the end of the competition will be announced to the community on Viber on 08/11 and time 13:00 and the lucky ones will be informed through it about the process of receiving their tickets.

Agony, sacred.
On the loom of Eva Palmer-Sikelianou

Stage whisper
Group Theater Proposal
Production organization and execution:
Kostas Karasavvidis

FRIDAY 10 November 2023 – 21:30
and SATURDAY 11 November 2023 – 21:00

The story of an idiosyncratic artist who dedicated her life to an elusive dream, holy panic. An original dramaturgy based on the biographies, letters and publications of the time. The American woman who questioned gender roles, settled in Greece, was introduced to the traditional occupations of rural women and revived the ancient theater.

She falls in love like Sappho.
It is coming to Greece.
She marries Angelos Sikelianos.
It weaves. He studies Byzantine music.
It resists the industrialization of society.
He envisions and organizes the Delphic Festivals.
He directs Prometheus Bound.
He directs Iketides.
He resists American imperialism and is defeated.
A loom that weaves time.

Agony, holy…
A performance with elements of ritual theater about the uplifting power that frees man from the oppression of the western, mechanized way of life. Interweaving the ideals that motivated the work of Eva Palmer-Sikelianou with a sharp critique of the controversial moments of her history, the new production of the Proposition Theater Group is a study of the woman who bridged the primitive world with the modern one and revived the ancient drama.

recovers a past that never existed
to hint at a future that will never be.

Dramaturgy – Direction: Konstantinos Avramis
Compilation – Interpretation: Eleni Niotaki
Voice – Percussion: Despina George
Sets – Costumes – Lighting: Theater Group Proposal
Videography: Isabella Fotiadis
Production: Proposal Theater Group
Production organization and execution: Kostas Karasavvidis
Performance duration: 60′
Reservations phone: 6937341717

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