To hire permanent staff instead of moving-patches in the hospitals of Athens


Question filed it KKE to the Minister of Health, for the transfer of nursing staff from the Primary Health Care structures of the 2nd Ministry of Health to the Attica Hospital. Specifically, in the Question signed by the deputies Vivi Daga, Thanasis Pafilis, Nikos Ampatielos, Yiannis Ckiokas, Semina Digeni, Liana Kanelli, Christos Katsotis, Aphrodite Good luck, Diamanto Manolakou and Christos Tsokanis, the following are mentioned:

“The recent decision of the 2nd Ministry of Health and the government of ND to transfer 10 nurses from the Health Centers of Peristeri, Chaidari and Aigaleo to the Attica Hospital proves once again the logic of “patching” the gaps in the Health structures, which are only “temporary” is not.

Based on the information from the Ministry of Health, the specific movements serve to cover gaps in the nursing staff of the Attica Hospital, which will result from the transfer of Attica nurses for the operation of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the treatment of patients with cerebrovascular attacks in the hospital . This constant tactic of the government does not solve the problem of understaffing hospitals and Health Centers, but creates a bigger one, further degrading the Primary Health Care of Western Athens.

The Government, the Ministry of Health and YPE have a huge responsibility because instead of planning to proceed with mass recruitment of permanent staff of all specialties at all levels of Health, to make all contract workers permanent, they come to weaken the Health Centers by staff, at the moment when the first level of treatment of the disease but also its prevention in the direction of decongesting the Hospitals. At the same time monopolies of private groups in the field of Primary Health Care are constantly increasing their profits.

This specific measure will not even provide temporary relief to the Attica Hospital, since the 10 nurses cannot cover the 193 nursing staff vacancies that – according to the administration – exist (in reality the vacancies are many times greater). At the same time, the General Hospital of Western Attica “Agia Varvara” (formerly Loimodon), which could function as a modern public hospital, remains closed.

The Minister is asked, what measures will it take to:

– To withdraw the decision to move nursing staff from the Health Centers of Peristeri, Chaidari and Aigaleo to the Attica Hospital and to fully staff the Primary Health structures with permanent staff.

– To fully staff the “Attikon” Hospital with permanent staff of all specialties and to make the contract holders permanent.

– To fully reopen the General Hospital of Western Attica “Agia Varvara” (formerly Loimodon) as a modern public hospital”.

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