Two events, two worlds | EFSYN

Two events, two worlds | EFSYN
Two events, two worlds | EFSYN

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Mr. Mitsotakis felt at home at the event for Mr. Simitis. No one bothered him.

Mr. Mitsotakis attended two events yesterday that took place almost simultaneously. One was in honor of the late Marietta Giannakou, a prominent member of the National Democratic Party. since her youth, with a strong imprint on the political life of the country and on the faction she served.

The other was held to honor former Prime Minister Costas Simitis, organized by the Network for Reform in Greece and Europe of Anna Diamantopoulos, the Jacques Delors Institute and the magazine “Reform”, with the support of the Delphi Economic Forum.

The first event was factional. The second of the conservative PASOK, which in one way or another approaches, and sometimes strengthens the N.D. of Mr. Mitsotakis, as it constitutes his political “bench” towards the Center.

Under other circumstances, both events could be complementary and at the same time reinforcing to the ruling party. In the present situation, however, they were completely different in their aims and political messages.

At the first event, the keynote speaker was former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis. The one who had called the honoree of the second event, namely Kostas Simitis, “the high priest of confusion”. Whom; The one whom Mr. Mitsotakis honored yesterday with his presence.

Two manifestations, two different worlds, always within what we call the urban political system. This conclusion was also confirmed by what K. Karamanlis said yesterday, reminding the Panhellenic community of the example of Marietta Giannakou.

As he underlined, in the face of the political cost, Marietta Giannakou resisted “the difficult path of sobriety and respect for institutions and laws”. “He had no passion for power, for prominence, for arrogance.” “He didn’t have sponsors or patrons, he didn’t seek the favor of the powerful or the media.” “He knew that real politics is ideas, empathy and humanity, not thirst and the pursuit of power.”

It is absolutely certain that the above phrases were fired like arrows at the prime minister, who is the personification of what Marietta Giannakou herself detested. But it is equally certain that Mr. Mitsotakis felt at home at the event for Mr. Simitis. No one bothered him there. Not even with words.

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