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After some thought, I decided to describe a recurring and highly problematic event that occurs when disembarking the ship from Chios to Mytilene, at the port of Mytilene. Many children from our place choose our neighbor Lesvos to study at the University of the Aegean or to do a postgraduate specialization program. This decision, apart from the love for the continuation and expansion of the studies and knowledge of our young people, presupposes financial costs and the effort of the weekly movement with the ships that pass through Chios at dawn. Up to this point someone will say that nothing is acquired without effort, but here come some factors that I will very politely call strange and provocatively dangerous.

So it happens that Coast Guard officers stop for control at the port of Mytilini, a certain student – I know this case – all four times he set foot in the port of Mytilini. Very elegantly, I will call them obsessive and that in my mind is not a random check. I am concerned about what is happening next to them, who is passing by and what they are carrying, when they stop and linger with unrelated children. I will not tell anyone how to do their job, but I have the right as a citizen to judge, as well as to consider that the rights of citizens are violated with unnecessary – misplaced, allegedly controls that disorient them from the purpose of their presence in Mytilini . Every civil servant, and especially those who serve in the Security Forces, are obliged to carry out their duties correctly with prudence and responsibility, but unfortunately many times the power that some people think they have, involves them in movements that provoke reflection and thought. Many times I have referred to the hope of young people, as a society, and I say it again today. Let’s not play and let’s not let down the young kids who have dreams.

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