Thessaloniki: “We will come face to face with the murderer of our child”

Thessaloniki: “We will come face to face with the murderer of our child”
Thessaloniki: “We will come face to face with the murderer of our child”

For the family of Emmanuela from Thessaloniki, time froze on the evening of November 22, 2022. It was then that a 28-year-old driver ran over and left the 21-year-old student of Aristotle University covered in blood, in the area of ​​Kamara. “Whatever the sentence is, my child is not turning back,” says her mother, Kelly Kampaki.

These tragic moments are being revived today in the halls of the Thessaloniki Courthouse. Where the relatives of the deceased student will come face to face for the first time with the man who caused her death. “It’s a nightmare, a nightmare. We go upstairs knowing that we will come face to face with our child’s killer, that we will relive minute by minute, what happened… We will see it in pictures, I don’t know how we will live this, it is very difficult,” said the mother of her, Kelly Kampaki, underlining her desire for justice according to

“From justice we expect justice to be served. Simply. This man took a life for better or worse with the way he behaved this would be the result, sooner or later,” he said, noting that the 19-year-old female passenger of the vehicle should also be called as a witness. “From the justice system, we expect the passenger to be tried together with him, which is also unfortunately not happening, as she has been cleared of all charges, under the pretext that she voluntarily presented herself to the department in order to help, which is not the case even after she was cleared of They didn’t even call her to Court as a witness.”

Emmanuela’s parents with greatness of soul decided to donate her organs, giving life to other people. The 21-year-old girl fought hard to stay alive in the ICU of Papageorgiou, however, a few days later she traveled to the neighborhood of angels, spreading immense sadness to her loved ones.

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