Larisa: Rally of pensioners for the increases

Larisa: Rally of pensioners for the increases
Larisa: Rally of pensioners for the increases

Increases that correspond to the cost of living were requested by the pensioners of Larissa in today’s mobilization, who declared that they will continue the struggle to meet their demands. Today’s mobilization is, as pointed out, a precursor to the nationwide mobilization of pensioners, which will take place on November 24 in Athens.

The main speaker at the meeting was the vice-president of the Panhellenic Federation of Pensioners IKA, Mr. G. Skiadiotis, who emphasized, among other things, that pensioners “cannot accept the mockery of the so-called increases, allowances and various “baskets”, after the daily increases and the slaughter of our rights, over the last 13 years, in which our pensions have been turned into welfare benefits”.

The basic framework of the demands of the mobilization included increases in all pensions at the rate of inflation, payment of the 13th and 14th pension, immediate payment of retrospectives to all pensioners, integration of the personal difference in the pensions paid to all pensioners, etc.

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