Informative seminar of the Chamber of Arcadia on exports

Informative seminar of the Chamber of Arcadia on exports
Informative seminar of the Chamber of Arcadia on exports

The Chamber of Arcadiatraditionally supporting the extroversion of businesses and in collaboration with the Exporters’ Association, SEVE, implements a seminar on Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 6:30 p.m., in the event hall of the Chamber of Arcadia* with main topics: Export Performance in Arcadia, Export Credit Insurance and Modern Food Traceability Solutions.


Presentation of export performance by region and regional unit giving attendees the opportunity to understand the current conditions in the export trade of the local economy and the opportunities that exist in international markets.

Support for companies carrying out international transactions or investments, providing the Greek exporter with: credit insurance | guarantees | financing

Presentation of HellasTrace Electronic data recording platform with the recording and sharing in real time of data that answer the questions “What, Where, When and Why” for specific events, ensuring transparency in the traceability of products (receipt, recall, shipment, packaging, return, etc. e.), efficiency in the communication of data regarding the movement and status of the products (country of origin, scientific name of the species, list of certificates, date of start and end of harvest, etc.) and therefore increased information to the final consumers.


18:30-18:45 Greetings Yannis Troupis, President of the Chamber of Arcadia Symeon Diamantidis, President of SEVE, Grigoris Stamatopoulos, CEO, Export Credit Greece SA

18:45-19:00 Presentation of export performance of the Region Panagiotis Hassapis, Executive Vice President SEVE

19:00-19:30 Presentation of the renewed product portfolio of Export Credit Greece S.A. for Safe Exports Grigoris Stamatopoulos, CEO, Export Credit Greece SA

19:30-19:50 Modern traceability solutions for fresh products, and in particular fruits, through the HellasTrace platform Dimitris Christou, Director Market Development & Dr. Georgios Sarantaugas, Director Standards & Solutions, GS1 Association Greece

Informative seminar of the Chamber of Arcadia on exports


For more information you can call, all working days and hours: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. on the phones: 2710 227141-2 (ext. 6)

*Events Hall of the Chamber of Arcadia (March 25th & Panos 21, Tripoli. Entry from March 25th).

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