Abstention from public trials: Lawyer counterattack in Athens?


Abstaining from public trials is probably the first measure that the lawyers of Athens will take at today’s meeting of the Board of Directors as a reaction to the tax “extortion” on freelancers announced by the Ministry of Finance as a measure to combat tax evasion. The lawyers of Thessaloniki, Veria, Florina have already taken a relevant decision.

What is certain is that the reactions will escalate into more dynamic actions as the lawyers are already setting up the scientific front against the new measure and on Thursday they will meet with the scientific bodies – freelancers at the DSA to plan further joint actions.


Already the opposition parties are aligning themselves with the professionals and their opinion that this is a “head” tax since he considers everyone arrested as “tax evaders”. The agencies have already met with the president of SYRIZA, St. Kasselakis last Friday and yesterday the DSA met with a delegation of the KKE. Today the scientific bodies will meet with president of PASOK, Nik. Androulakis and on Thursday there will be a meeting at the offices of the Board of Scientific Organizations. As already mentioned today at noon there will be a meeting of the Board of Directors of the DSA and on Saturday, an extraordinary meeting, in Athens, of the Plenary Session of the Bar Associations (all presidents of the country’s Boards of Directors).

Meeting with Haris Theoharis

The lawyers will also have a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Finance Haris Theoharis to develop their positions which are, in principle, the withdrawal of the provision in question for the taxation of imputed income for the self-employed. The government argues official evidence that “the average income tax collected by the state from this 85% of the self-employed – i.e. 425,000 professionals – is 217 euros per year, an amount that rises to 867 euros with the professional fee.


On the other hand, the average taxable income for 3.5 million employees is €12,300 per year, and the average tax they are required to pay is €1,160. Accordingly, pensioners pay an average of 847 euros in income tax”.

He even gives examples:

– A lawyer who started in 2012 and had a turnover of €22,326, declared profits of €17,691, paid tax of €2,592 and professional fees of €650. With the new taxation system, his taxable income remains at €17,691 and his tax will be €2,592. The tax payer in question will have a reduction of €650 (he is gradually exempted from the pretense fee).

– A new lawyer starting in 2022 with a turnover of €17,140 declared profits of €5,548 and had a tax of €499, while he is not liable for professional fees. With the new system, his taxable income will amount to €10,920 and his tax will be zero for the years 2023 and 2024 (2nd and 3rd year of operation), therefore, he will have a tax reduction for the following two years. In the year 2025 (4th year of operation) he will pay 33% of the corresponding tax, i.e. €364. In the year 2026 (5th year of operation), its tax will amount to €738 (67% of the corresponding tax), while from the year 2027 (6th year of operation) etc. the tax will amount to €1,102″.


Beyond the obvious, that is, that lawyers and freelancers are considered tax evaders, the counterargument from sources of freelancers includes a series of arguments, such as for example that it is not considered anywhere that a freelancer can have a bad or very bad year. Also, it is not possible to include in the income limit of freelancers the salaries of employees in general (gifts, three years, etc.) and an upper limit of deductible expenses on individual turnover should be established.

At the same time, as they say, the arrangements in EFKA, AADE are ignored as well as the fact that many declare their home as an office, while the mothers of self-employed professionals should also be exempted from giving birth for 3 years.

Also, the income should be added up from the total income, not to calculate the 13th and 14th salary because Easter, Christmas, Summer, there are no courts.

The lawyers

Especially for lawyersit is estimated that the mandatory representation in contracts should be reinstated or a certificate of legality should be established as mandatory in all legal transactions in rem.

Finally, in any case, the lawyers consider that since there is already a presumptive determination with advance payments, there should be exceptions for those who have no or almost no performances. And that’s because it doesn’t make sense for a lawyer with zero shows to make so much money.

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