Conference on the future of the digital economy

Conference on the future of the digital economy
Conference on the future of the digital economy

The two-hour event, which starts at 6 p.m., simultaneously examines how the evolution of the digital economy contributes to the development of the local ecosystem and the overall transformation of Epirus companies. Distinguished speakers from the wider banking sector, from start-ups, public and private organizations, the Municipality, the Region, but also from the university community participate in a fruitful dialogue.

“Our vision in the C.Ioannina community is to support and accelerate the evolution of Ioannina into a regional hub of innovation and digital economy. This event has multiple benefits for the city. Firstly, it gathers important speakers in Ioannina and at the same time promotes it as a technological destination. Second, it addresses issues at the cutting edge of the digital economy, thereby enriching the local ecosystem’s know-how, and third, it creates a unique networking opportunity,” says C.Ioannina community co-founder Tasos Koutlas.

On the other hand, the Managing Director of the Cooperative Bank of Epirus Ioannis Vougioukas added that “at the core of the philosophy of the Bank of Epirus are innovation and the support of local businesses. At a time when digital technology is developing rapidly, our goal is twofold. First, we help existing businesses transform to become more competitive. Second, we strengthen start-up entrepreneurship, develop solid cooperation with the Epirus ecosystem and steadily contribute to the creation of a modern business culture. In this context, we are working with the C.Ioannina community to broaden the public debate around the future of the digital economy and how it affects business.”

For the detailed program of the event and for registration see here.

The communication sponsors of the event are the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, Fortune and Epirotikos Agon.


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