Patras time: The “joke” with the bike path

Patras time: The “joke” with the bike path
Patras time: The “joke” with the bike path

In the announcement of the Ora Patras municipal faction regarding the bike path of Patras it is stated:

Before the project of the Peletidis “bike path” was even handed over and completed, according to the municipal authority, the rave began, since they found that the water was pooling in Othonos-Amalias (broken curb).
Of course, it is nothing new and we have repeatedly pointed it out to the city council.
The bicycle path was designed by the previous municipal authority of Mr. Dimaras when the sea front had not been handed over to the city.
But not everyone remembers the promises of Samaras, Venizelos, Pangalos who marched from the city competing in the promise, for the coastal front without any results.
In 2017, Alexis Tsipras handed over the beachfront to the Peletidis Municipal Authority.
The project was tendered on 4/12/19, a prudent mayor who would respect the money of the Patrinas would redesign the project, since he owns the beach front to pass the project through the walls to the sea. About two months would be the delay.
But he preferred not to listen to the anguish of citizens. organizations and our Ora Patras faction in the municipal council that we repeatedly brought up the issue. He passed the bicycle path in Othonos-Amalias with the well-known problems of traffic congestion, stagnant water, accidents on the curb, problems with the TAIPED at the junction, at the mills of Agios Georgios with the exit of the KTEL buses, etc.
From the documents of the Municipality:
Installation date 7/28/20
Initial deadline 7/28/21 (12 months).
First extension 1/28/22.
Second extension 8/31/22
Schedule Extension: 3/3/23
Third extension 8/31/23
Fourth extension 10/30/23 (passed).
The project has not yet been delivered after four years when Municipalities of smaller population and area have delivered 10-15 km cycle paths to their citizens.
The matter comes again to the Municipal Council on 8/11/23 under the title “Approval of the 5th Recapitulation table of works of the initial contract and 1st RES
of the 1st SSE minor value of the project “Construction of coastal cycle path (Kanellopoulou-Papaflessa)”.
This is not called prudent management and respect for citizens’ money. When they themselves confess that the cycle path will be removed, they realize that in the next five years Patras will not have a cycle path, but will have a municipal authority that will be able to turn black into white, a champion in demagoguery.

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