Thessaloniki: 60 km speed limit on the Peripheral with the Fly Over projects

Thessaloniki: 60 km speed limit on the Peripheral with the Fly Over projects
Thessaloniki: 60 km speed limit on the Peripheral with the Fly Over projects

“Obviously there will be inconvenience and disruption. We will have to adapt to a new reality.” Among other things, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Nikos Tachiaos, said this yesterday during the official presentation of the Fly Over project yesterday from Thessaloniki.

At the beginning of his speech he commented that it would help to start after the coming of Metromainly because it is a matter of city psychology.

But he said that if this project is not done now, the traffic conditions will be much worse in the future. He then referred to advantages of Flyover, he talked about the steps that have already been taken, while he assured that “there is no chance of delaying the project.”

He said that it is not a project with a political identity. “It started in 2010. It has gone through various stages of maturation and should correspond to the real potential of the country. Today we reached the update of the road construction study, when the competition started. It is a project that has gone through many governments. The current government is the one that set it in motion”explained.

He emphasized that the goal is for 35-40% of the traffic of the Regional to be diverted to the Flyover, while he mentioned that with its completion there will be less noise pollution, it will become easier and faster to travel, and fewer accidents.

As he said, they will be done minimal tree cutting, a total of 82 acres (82000 sq m) will be affected, while adjacent properties will not be affected. However, he noted that during the construction works, vehicle speeds will necessarily drop to 60 km. in the Regional.

Referring to the changes that must be made during the works, Mr. Tahiaos said that we should “not make unnecessary movements. Do not drive vehicles with, for example, a single passenger. Illegal parking on main arteries will be controlled. The police will ensure that means of transport have free access to the roads. And a large part of the movements of the Regional will be channeled into the city.”

Earlier at the same event, the Minister, Christos Staikouras, said that the project will be completed in about 4 years, while the first construction site in the Peripherial will start next week.

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