The Duke, the Exarchia and the Athenians who must be punished

The Duke, the Exarchia and the Athenians who must be punished
The Duke, the Exarchia and the Athenians who must be punished

The citizens of Athens committed a great “sin”, at least that’s how their choice is considered during the years of the blue sovereignty.

They chose Haris Doukas, instead of the candidate supported by New Democracy and there will probably be an organized battle to pay for it. Whether they regret it in the end also depends (thankfully) on the Duke himself.

It seemed from the faces of government ministers on the panels on the night of the self-governing elections, that the revenge plan, for the message the Athenians wanted to give, will not take long to be implemented.

It is already clear that Mr. Doukas’ path is being mined as he takes office in January 2024.

As he has denounced, they are trying to bring him before the end, with typical cases so far being Vas. Olgas and the frenzy to disappear the trees so that the metro can proceed to Exarchia, as if one cannot be done without the other.

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Without Doukas himself having proposed anything outrageous, but walking the path of logic and discussion (he never said the metro should not go ahead), he is already being presented by branded trolls as the man who will put the brakes on a running Athens with a thousand ahead.

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The “low-key” professor, while they were sure that Mr. Bakoyannis would prevail, has turned into a “threat for Athens”. Mr. Doukas is indeed a threat. But not for Athens, but as a possibility to present another example of governance, combined with the corruption of the government.

It is an opportunity for the progressive space, an opportunity that the government does not want to exist at all and from its side it makes sense.

After all, if the “staff state” is good at anything, it is in finding ways to protect its power.

That’s why besides the branded trolls, key players of the system came forward, such as Ms. Lina Mendoni and Mr. Adonis Georgiadis. The first answering Mr. Doukas about Vas. Olgas and the second announcing that “the Athenians will cry a black tear”.

Harry Doukas he will be judged by his deedshowever he should not go as a sheep to the slaughter and he and PASOK and those who have gathered around him regardless of party origin should keep this in mind.

Apart from the huge problems of Athens, which he has to solve, he is sure to face a well-organized white strike, but also the tangle of responsibilities, which will lead him to a conflict and (let’s hope that he doesn’t have to) a blame game until the end of falling with the Region and the central government, in the event of a natural disaster.

He must, in addition to his plan for Athens, be ready to implement a plan to deal with the blows below the waist that he will receive.

If anyone doubts that the government is cynical enough to punish the Athenians for their choice, they are probably ethereal. He only has to see the manipulations in the interceptions and in Tempi to change his mind.

A government that fights an honest judge and does communication management in a tragedy like that of Tempe, will certainly not hesitate to fight the mayor who spoiled the image of its absolute dominance in the political scene.

The minefield for Duke is set. The everyday life of the Athenians is obviously considered a collateral loss.

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