Pallesviakos and Asteras Nikis still score, first win for Kalloni –

Pallesviakos and Asteras Nikis still score, first win for Kalloni –
Pallesviakos and Asteras Nikis still score, first win for Kalloni –

Matches and impressive scores included the 3the matchday in the two groups of the 2nd Division, which is held in installments.

In the Northern Group, Anaxos emerged as the winner with 1-0 in the neighboring derby with Achillea, taking the top spot. The golden, as it turned out, goal for Anaxo was achieved by Kasogo in the last quarter of the match.

A strong game from all points of view took place at Skala Kallonis with Kalloni SC beating Karavangelis 2-1, capturing their first victory in the league. At the end of ten minutes the home team made it 1-0 with Maki Champagne, however the response from Karavangelis was immediate with Xypteras equalizing at 1-1. In the second half, both teams looked for the goal that would give them the victory.

The one who found it was Kalloni in 57The minute, thin with Makis Sampanis as the protagonist again, who gave his team an important victory. It is worth noting that the two teams have complaints from the referee, claiming that they were not given a penalty, with Karavangelis even issuing a relevant statement.

First victory and in an impressive way for Mesotopos, 5-1 over Makarea in Parakoila. Major protagonist in the victory of the guests o Dimitris Koutsas with the charismatic striker scoring a personal hat-trick. Makareas may have taken a 1-0 lead thanks to his goal Giorgos Hydiriotis, but the rest of the match clearly belonged to Mesotopos, who completed the upset before the first part was finished. Apart from Koutsa, among the winners, Vakalis and Zambaras also scored.

In the South Group, it was a complete mess in Moria, where Pallesviakos and Asteras Nikis offered a rich spectacle in the 4-4 final. The two teams who alternated in the score claimed the victory until the end, but at the final whistle they settled for one point. Asteras Nikis entered the field better, scoring two goals with Stefanis and Raskos, but Pallesviakos managed to get a reaction before half-time, reducing initially with Atzemis, while the same player then equalized at 2-2.

With the beginning of the repetition o Sotiris Ziropoulos he also put his name on the scorers’ table by making it 3-2 for Asteras, which saw Pallesviakos draw 3-3 with Kapinos and a little later take the lead with Koutskoudis. In the end, Asteras Nikis saved the draw, with Ziropoulos scoring for the second time in the match.

In another game for the South Group, which took place in Kato Tritos, Doxa Lesvos with an amazing performance in the second half defeated 3-0 Asteras/Orfea who lasted only for one half. Two goals were scored by Isalari and one by Spachiou in the 3-0 victory of Doxa, who lead the race in the South Group.

The results of the 3rd round

Northern Group

  • Makareas – AO Mesotopou 1-5
  • AO Anaxos – Achilleas 1-0
  • Kalloni – Karavangelis 2-1
  • Orpheus Ant. – Papanikolis (22/11)


  1. Anaxos 7 4-2
  2. Karavangelis 6 14-3
  3. Orpheus Ant. 6 3-1
  4. Kalloni 4 3-2
  5. Achilles 3 5-4
  6. AO Mesotopou 3 5-10
  7. Papanikolis 0 1-4
  8. Makareas 0 3-12

Southern Group

  • Pallesviakos – Asteras Nikis 4-4
  • Asteras/Orpheas – Doxa Lesvos 0-3
  • AO Vasilikon – Aeolik (22/11)
  • Elytis Street – Aetos B΄ (22/11)
  • Repo: Brigadier General


  1. Doxa Lesvos 7 7-3
  2. Aeolian 4 6-1
  3. Pallesviakos 4 8-5
  4. Victory Star 4 7-4
  5. Elytis St. 3 8-3
  6. AO Vasilikon 3 3-4
  7. Brigadier General 3 3-7
  8. Eagle II 0 1-8
  9. Star/Orpheus 0 2-10

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