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TEBA food distribution in the Municipality of Killeler

TEBA food distribution in the Municipality of Killeler
TEBA food distribution in the Municipality of Killeler

The Municipality of Killeler announces that food distribution of the “TEBA Food and Basic Material Contribution Operational Program” will take place on Thursday 9/11/23 in Platykampos (Town Hall) 8.00 – 10.00 and in Nikaia (Cultural Center) 10.30 – 11.30.

This distribution only concerns families of 2 members or more.

The update will be made by phone and by SMS text message to the mobile phones of the beneficiaries.

The following products will be distributed: Pasta, Feta, Graviera, Flour, Rice, Lentils, Beans, Olive oil, Sugar, Tomato paste, Milk, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Washing powder, Dishwashing liquid, Liquid cream soap, Shampoo, General purpose cleaner

Beneficiaries of the program will receive the products by showing the KEA approval decision or the AMKA of the member who receives the application and in the event of their inability to attend, with an additional deposit of the authorization of another person with a certificate of genuine signature from a competent Authority. When the authorization does not bear the original signature, it is necessary to show his police identity card, or another official document from which his AMKA or VAT number can be obtained.

Drive Through Distribution Methodology

Due to the current situation and the Covid-19 pandemic, the beneficiaries who will approach the fixed distribution point by vehicle will follow the configured entry and exit corridors of the vehicle in the surrounding area so that:

1. Beneficiaries will not disembark from their vehicles at any time.

2. Pass through two “stops” where:

a. In the first, they will be identified by employees of the Municipality who will be protected with masks and gloves. After identification, the beneficiaries will sign in the electronic identification system.

b. In the second, the beneficiary will indicate to the contractor’s employees where to place the food (grill, luggage rack, inside the vehicle) and the contractor company’s employees complete the process.

c. Upon completion of the above process, they continue their exit from the surrounding area.

Obligations of Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are obliged to follow the following instructions:

1. To come to the food collection point strictly on the predetermined day and time that will be communicated to them by SMS. It is extremely important to follow this rule to avoid traffic jams.

2. During identification and receipt to wear a mask.

Beneficiaries of the Program are:

* Individuals and families living in conditions of extreme poverty meet the criteria of Decision no.D23/ok.17108/875/10.04.2017 of the Deputy Minister of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity (Government Gazette B’1474/28.04.2017) and are included in the KEA platform in the Table).

Information: 2410961286.

The article is in Greek

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