What we did NOT hear at the Flyover presentation

What we did NOT hear at the Flyover presentation
What we did NOT hear at the Flyover presentation

The event of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the Flyover lasted approximately three hours.

He had a clear character. To inform the city about the project that is coming to change everyday life on the streets for at least the next four years.

It was the ministry’s response to the request for information. And the operators were there. From mayors, vice-mayors, local government officials, presidents and representatives of chambers, journalists and even school representatives.

The latter must have left very disappointed by what they heard. As the big issue with school bus movements and the real danger that exists, they are blocked every day – along with our children – in traffic, can be a negative factor for parents.

Yesterday morning we calculated at TheOpinion what Thessaloniki expected to learn from yesterday’s event.

So to check what we heard and what we didn’t hear:

1. When exactly do the jobs start and what are they? – WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED

2. What is the exact schedule of the project with the corresponding stages (even if indicative as was done in the update for the Children’s Hospital from Niarchos) – WE WERE NOT INFORMED EXACTLY

3. What do the first works on the Peripheral mean, how many lanes will be closed and where – WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED

4. How many traffic wardens are now employed by the Thessaloniki Traffic Authority – WE HAVE NOT BEEN INFORMED

5. What applies to roads and parking (will it be prohibited in Karamanli, for example?) – WE HAVE NOT BEEN INFORMED

6. What will happen to the bike lane on Nikis Avenue – WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED

7. What applies to the cutting of trees. – WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED

8. What is the loading and unloading schedule, since when is it applied, who polices it? – WE WERE NOT INFORMED

9. What is changing with the collection routes? WE WERE NOT INFORMED

10. What is the case with appeals to the Supreme Court – WE WERE NOT INFORMED

11. How much has the cost of the project increased and if there are second thoughts about tolls – WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED

12. How many buses does the city have today? How many are on the streets and with what dynamics? WE WERE ONLY INFORMED ABOUT THE NEW LINES

13. When will the new drivers start work? WE WERE NOT INFORMED

The event was well organized. Five speakers spoke, the coordinating minister Stathis Konstantinidis, the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the representative of the contractor.

Would it be too much of a problem for the Director of Traffic to speak for five minutes? He was on site. To tell us what potential it has and what their original plan is. Would the event go back that far?

Half the project is building it and the other half is managing the traffic jam. And here the ministry has shown that it wants to avoid the many details that do not concern its own responsibilities.

Traders and the central municipality could have been invited to talk about loading and unloading times and collection routes. That didn’t happen either.

In fact, the organizers, headed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, were clear. “Here we are talking about the project. Do you have anything to ask about the project?” he answered the journalists and agencies who asked about the city’s policing and supervision.

Unfortunately, even in this project there was no comprehensive update. All factors of the project and its impacts in one common presentation. With a shared responsibility. Pity…

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