Elections 2023: The results of protests in Syros and Rhodes are announced today

Elections 2023: The results of protests in Syros and Rhodes are announced today
Elections 2023: The results of protests in Syros and Rhodes are announced today

The time of crisis has arrived…

On Tuesday, November 7, the Syros Court of First Instance will hold the regular meeting for the draw and announcement of the winners who voted in a tie in the municipal and regional elections elections of October in the Cyclades.

And as is well known, Naxos is particularly interested in the case of equality between Michalis Kapiris and Michalis Sergis for the position of regional councilor in the “New Era in the South Aegean” ballot of Nikiforos Papanikolas. As is known, both had 1473 votes (!!!), they have of course chosen to share the five-year term, but from the formality of the matter, we must know who will be first in the swearing-in on December 18 in Syros…

From there on, we will have the finalization of the “District of Andros” case with Ms. Vrettou winning the thread over Mr. Laskaris by a difference of two votes (!!!), while in Santorini there is one more pending issue at the level of the local community of Karterados.

The President of the Primary District of Syros, Mrs. Asimenia Paliarouti, issued the following act: “Having taken into account: The need to hold a lottery for the tied candidates of the self-governing elections of 2023 (regional and municipal) and the publication of the corresponding court decisions,

Meeting day of the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Syros for the aforementioned lottery and the announcement of the winners, on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at 11:00 a.m., in the audience of the First Court of Syros”.

And in Rhodes

At the same time, the acts determining the courts for all the objections that have been brought at the level of the Courts of First Instance of Rhodes and Kos will be issued by the President of the Administrative Court of First Instance of Rhodes.

In particular, a date is to be determined for the trial of the objection of the leader of the faction “With Power for Rhodes” and the mayor of Rhodes, Mr. Antonis Kambourakis, and of the objections brought against the validity of the declaration decisions of the Multi-member Court of First Instance of Kos by the factions of Mr. George Kyritsis and Theod. The faction of Mr. N. Kolia wins in Kos and in Leros, but also against the authority to announce the results in the Municipality of Karpathos by the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Rhodes, which was exercised by Mr. Michael Fellouzis and members of his faction.

The most likely date is rumored to be November 30, 2023.

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