Megalopolis: Trees are being cut down to plant bulbs

Megalopolis: Trees are being cut down to plant bulbs
Megalopolis: Trees are being cut down to plant bulbs

It is not only the destruction in the mountain masses with the huge amount of excavations-excavation to open the access roads to the mountain tops that will be flattened, the thousands of m3 of iron and concrete to fix huge wind turbines, which the advance of the RES monopoly groups brings.

In the past few days, in the area of ​​the PPC mines in Megalopolis, which had previously functioned as a place for depositing excavation products and had been restored by the PPC through reforestation with the planting of thousands of trees (pines, firs, cypresses…), green growth came!!!

Hundreds of large trees are cut down, thrown away and buried in the mines to plant hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of photovoltaic panels in their place.

They cut down trees and destroy a large forest to plant light bulbs.

These are the results of the policy of “liberation” of energy and “green growth”. Policy of the EU followed by all governments until today and based their forces on the Region of Peloponnese and the Municipality of Megalopolis.

Energy poverty for the people and destruction of the environment on the one hand and huge profits of business groups active in the energy sector on the other.

These are the results of “de-lignitization” and the “Just” transition. In an area that was teeming with life, huge wind industrial complexes in the mountains, millions of light-glass photovoltaic panels in the lowlands, hundreds of huge lithium batteries for energy storage, landfills, landfills for hazardous industrial waste…

Megalopolis, from an area that was bustling with life, turns into a village, havouza of the whole Peloponnese and beyond.

We call:

The presidents of the villages, the labor unions, the farming associations, the local associations, the cultural sportsmen and other bodies to coordinate the fight to save our region.

Let’s say a resounding NO to these government and business plans.

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