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Heraklion 07-11-2023

The concert – a tribute to the great Cretan composers, with Gerasimos Andreatos, the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Heraklion and Anna Franceska Zande, held on August 4, in Eleftherias Square, as part of the 8th “Art on the Road” Festival is now available in the Heraklion Arts and Culture channel and in the “Lights, Curtains, Go” Viewing Zone.

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THE Municipal Philharmonic welcomed him Gerasimos Andreatos and presented works and songs by the great Cretan creators: Mikis Theodorakis, Yiannis Markopoulos and Manos Hatzidakis, in a concert that thrilled and moved the audience!


Song: Gerasimos Andreatos and Anna Franceska Zande.

It features a folk orchestra ensemble.

Direction: Despina Skandalaki (Chief Musician).

Folk orchestra: Dimitris Vasmaris (Bouzouki), Apostolis Xiritakis (Piano), Olympia Skandalaki (Guitar), Stefanos Kouroupakis (Bass).

Members of the Philharmonic of Heraklion Municipality:

Flute: Maria Alexaki (top), Anastasia Anninou (top).

Quartino: Charalambos Giakoumakis.

Clarinet: Georgios Stratakis (top), Georgia Maniadaki (top), Maria Koutsoubari, Argyros Siganou.

Alto Saxophone: Maria Vetoulaki (top), Evangelia Lasithiotaki (top), Emmanuel Melisseidis.

Trumpet: Ioannis Tabakakis (top), Emmanuel Vassilokonstantakis

George Karydas, Antonios Nikolaidis, George – Ioannis Tzikas, Emmanuel Haniotakis.

Horn: Michael Hamalakis.

Trombone: Antonios Vertoudos (top), Michael Kissamitakis.

Euphonium: Charalambos Pastos.

Tuba: Emmanuel Papadakis.

Percussion: Aikaterini Tzortzakaki (top), Evangelos Tsagarakis (top), Evangelos Gryllis, Nikolaos Magafourakis.

Arrangements – Arrangements: Dimitris Vasmaris, Panagiotis Vlahos, Spyridon Prosoparis, Leonidas Tzortzakis.

The concert also features:

Flute: Stavros Mazonakis, Maria Roumeliotis, Despina Fukakis.

Oboe: Marianna Vertoudou.

Clarinet: Elisavet Karagianni, Leonidas Falagaras.

Saxophone: Maria Tzortzaki.

Trumpet: Emmanuel Zambetakis, Michael Konstandakis, Aphrodite Pitarokoili, Georgios Cholopoulos.

Horn: Anna Kalogeraki.

Euphonium: Athanasios Leontakis.

Tuba: Angelos Rizogiannis.

Percussion: Dimitrios Pitarokoilis.

Artistic direction: Leonidas Tjortzakis (Chief Musician).

Video Production: Kyma Sound Services & Record Productions

Photos: Giorgos Platakis

Art On The Road Festival 2023

Production: Municipality of Heraklion – Deputy Mayor of Culture

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