The Municipal Council of Ioannina requests the autonomous operation of the four Legal Entities


The continuation of the autonomous operation and independence of the four Legal Entities will be requested by the Municipal Council of Ioannina from the Ministry of the Interior by submitting a documented proposal.

The proposal based on the decision taken by the Municipal Council at Monday’s meeting will be submitted by November 15 as provided by the relevant law.

The maintenance of the autonomous operation of the four Legal Entities – OKPAPA, Spiritual Center, Cave Organization and Zografios Nursing Home – was proposed by the head of the “Citizens Unity” faction, Thomas Bega.

Earlier, Mayor Dimitris Papageorgiou had analyzed the Municipal Authority’s proposal for a request for an exemption from OKPAPA and emphasized that the faction of the new municipal authority that will handle the matter will be the one that should have a decisive say on the operating regime.

“It is fair for the new Municipal Authority to handle the matter and we will support its point of view” the Mayor emphasized in his statement. In this direction, the Municipal Authority made sure that there were timely and at the disposal of all factions documented official recommendations for maintaining the independence of all legal entities.

The head of the Citizens’ Unit, Thomas Begas, proposed maintaining the autonomy of Legal Entities, considering that in this way they can respond more effectively to their role.

The heads of all factions, several municipal councilors, the President of the OTA workers’ union and others were present at the meeting.

The Municipal Council proceeded to take four different decisions for the four legal entities which will form part of the proposals to be submitted to the Ministry of Interior and document their request to be exempted from the Law.

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