Accident in Volos: The 33-year-old driver who dragged the infant to the investigator today

Accident in Volos: The 33-year-old driver who dragged the infant to the investigator today
Accident in Volos: The 33-year-old driver who dragged the infant to the investigator today

The 33-year-old motorcycle driver, who ran over and killed the 4-month-old baby in Volos, on Saturday night, will be brought before the investigator today, Tuesday.

According to what has been known so far, the tragic incident took place near a restaurant on Antonopoulou Street.

The 53-year-old grandfather and his wife had arrived at the scene, and after a while his daughter, son-in-law and just 4-month-old granddaughter arrived.

It seems unbelievable that a tragic car accident that occurred on Saturday night in Volos, which resulted in the tragic death of a four-month-old infant

The 53-year-old crossed Iasonos Street, at the same height as Antonopoulou, with the baby in his arms, as a result of which they were both carried away by a passing car, in front of his relatives.

The cameras will “talk”.

The investigator will also examine the footage from the cameras collected by the police from all businesses located along the road where the fatal drift of the grandfather holding the infant in his arms occurred, in order to check the motorcyclist’s driving behavior.

The images from the terrifying car accident are incredible and “take your breath away”.

The motorcycle falls at speed on the 53-year-old who is crossing the road holding his grandchild in his arms. The baby is thrown into the air and hits the curb hard. As a result, he lost his life.

The video-documentary of the fatal drift was secured by MEGA. From the head-on collision, the 4-month-old baby was killed and his 53-year-old grandfather was injured. The images are harsh.

The chronicle of the tragedy

It all started at 22:30 in the center of Volos, specifically at the intersection of Iasonos and Antonopoulos streets, when a motorcycle ran over an elderly man, who was trying to cross the street while holding the infant in his arms.

While the grandfather was crossing the road, the driver of the machine made dangerous maneuvers as a result of which he hit the grandfather who was holding his grandson in his arms. The infant fell to the curb, hit and died instantly.

There was panic at the scene. The infant’s grandmother grabbed the child from the street and immediately got into a taxi whose driver had stopped to see what happened.

The taxi driver notified EKAV to pick up the injured and in “zero” time he arrived at the Hospital, with the baby and his grandmother.

Passers-by tried to provide first aid, while an EKAB ambulance was immediately called. The baby had died before the ambulance could take him to the Volos hospital. The grandfather was taken to “Achillopoulio” having been slightly injured.

As far as the driver of the motorcycle is concerned, he is charged with a felony for dangerous driving and manslaughter and was arrested by the Volos Traffic Police.

He is also being treated at “Achillopoulio” guarded by police officers.

What did the 33-year-old motorcyclist support in Volos

The 33-year-old was taken to the public prosecutor on Sunday and is being held at the police station, having the support of a psychologist. He was devastated and didn’t seem to realize what had happened. He only explained how he saw the infant’s 53-year-old grandfather suddenly in front of him and braked.

The driver of the motorcycle was visited by a doctor at the detention center, because he has a broken arm and will go into surgery, as it became known from the hospital.

He is charged with dangerous driving, and based on the new criminal code, if death has occurred, the charge is a felony.

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