Cleaning in Apano Meria with the initiative of KOINSEP (Photo)


Chimney cleaning in Lia

On Sunday 5/11, at the initiative of COINSEP Apano Meria, a clean-up of the waste in the area around the stream of Lia and an old stove was carried out, at the end of the path Kampos – Aerolithos – Lia in Apano Meria.
Members of the COINSEP Apano Meria team together with twenty volunteers, walked the path and after several hours, managed to collect 2000 liters of garbage, which was separated into metal packaging, glass bottles and non-recyclable materials (mainly plastic). Despite the huge amount collected, it is estimated that there is still a large amount of rubbish inside the furnace, which has been there for over twenty years and its decomposition is quite advanced. The discovery of garbage with expiration dates in the early 2000s is indicative.
The dozens of bags were collected in a sheltered spot and their transport from Lea to Kini will be done by the Syros inflatable and speed boat group, when the weather permits a safe approach to the beach, so that they can be delivered to the cleaning department of the Municipality of Syros-Ermoupoli.
We sincerely thank everyone who responded to our call and actively participated in our initiative, families, students and people of all ages. We are especially happy that the society of Syros actively supported our action.

Apano Meria Syros Social Cooperative Enterprise

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