The 15th edition of the Larissa International Film Festival has ended


The 15th Larissa International Film Festival concluded on Sunday, November 5, with the awarding of the prizes for the competition pieces of the event. The support that the Festival had from the Ministry of Culture, the Region of Thessaly, the Hellenic Film Center, EKOME, the French Institute, POKEL and the organization consultants Alpha Marketing Greece was decisive for its realization.

The 15th event adapted to the topical and hot issue of floods in Thessaly once again set as its primary focus that of the climate crisis, since the role of the festival is also to highlight current affairs. During the Festival speeches, discussions were held and protagonists of the difficult days of the Thessaly flood were invited, while at the same time documentaries on climate change were shown and in general the issue of the dangers of human intervention in nature was highlighted.

However, other topical issues emerged, such as that of Artificial Intelligence in the field of cinema, as well as the much-discussed issue of the transfer of literary works to the cinema and especially to the small screen in the form of series.

In the Greek, International and Animation competition, as every year, films from all over the world were shown, which were watched by the jury and a large audience.

The Festival events concluded with the awarding of the Greek and International competition, “Filming in Thessaly”, and the Animation awards.

Winners per category are the following:

Filming in Thessaly

Selection of photos by Fotis Natsoulis

Selection of videos by Paschalis Mantis

1st Prize for photography “Lake Plastira Anatoli”, by Nikos Mitsiopoulos

2nd Prize for “Meteora” photography, by Giorgos Natsis

3rd Photography Prize “Winter dawn in Carla”

First Prize “Margarites”, by Vassilis Tzikas

2nd Prize “Ampelakia”, by Vassilis Boussios

3rd Prize “Thessaly project”, by Constantinos Kechaias

Animation Awards

Jury: Eleni Mouri, Professor of the Graphic Design and Visual Communication Department of the University of Western Attica.

Thomas Liolios, Philologist, master’s degree in creative writing

Apostolis Sdoukos, Author

A΄Prize “Small Hours”, Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling – Ireland

B΄Prize “Rest in Piece”, Antoine Antabi – Germany

3rd Prize “Looking for joy”, Anna Oikonomou – Greece

International & Greek Competition Awards

Jury: Giorgos Fredzos, Director of Photography (chairman of the committee)

Elia Kalogianni, Director

Ethalia Papakosta, Actress

Dimitris Ontos, Actor.

Robbie Exiel, Film Critic

Jury composition: Robby Exiel




FIRST PRIZE in the film La carezza, Raffaele Grasso – Italy

B AWARD to the film Mariam, Lionel Meta – France

3rd PRIZE for the film Burial, Jerzy Crachowski- Poland


FIRST PRIZE for the film “Yama”, by Andreas Vakalios

SECOND PRIZE for the film “Airhostess-737”, by Thanasis Neofotistos

3RD PRIZE for the film “Not Tomorrow”, by Amerissa Basta

The organizing committee of the festival thanks everyone who contributed to the organization and especially our volunteers who were present throughout.

However, what is being asked is for this institution, which has been going on for 15 consecutive years, to be strengthened, for all agencies to cooperate and to become an issue of society and the city of Larissa, so that it becomes a pole of attraction for people from the cinema and especially artists of every branch.

The 16th Larissa International Film Festival is already being planned!

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