Black Friday: What consumers in Greece preferred last year – New survey by Public Group

Black Friday: What consumers in Greece preferred last year – New survey by Public Group
Black Friday: What consumers in Greece preferred last year – New survey by Public Group

Just before we experience the most anticipated shopping experience of the year, this year Black Fridaythe omnichannel ecosystem Public Group presents some interesting insights, regarding the purchasing preferences of the public during the previous Black Friday (November 25, 2022), as well as the results of the Instragram Poll that it created for the public.

For the second year, the Public Group team ran a short survey, the detailed results of which you can see here, on the purchasing behavior of Greek consumers as well as the categories of products that were most sought after on last year’s Black Friday. According to the findings of the research, last year the protagonist of “Black Friday” is technology items and household appliances.

Demographic characteristics

  • Women and men shopped equally on Black Friday 2022: 53% of consumers who shopped on the day were women and 47% were men, slightly increasing the percentage of women compared to 2021.
  • Athens is also the capital of Black Friday markets: With a percentage of 75%, the Athenians seemed to make the most of the economic deals that were created. Followed by Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Larissa.
  • Consumers snapped up deals on the go: The largest percentage of purchases were made via a portable device (33% via mobile and 33% via tablet), while 34% of shoppers preferred the more traditional desktop medium for their purchases.

Top product categories on Black Friday: Technology at the top

And on last year’s Black Friday, TVs (34%), mobile phones (25%) and laptops (11%) emerged as consumers’ favorite categories. Followed by bluetooth, smartwatches and multi-machines, tablets, PS5 and desktops.

The hottest tech brands by category: The hot trio in smartphone brands are Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, while the most popular smartphone models of last year’s Black Friday were the Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G 128GB Black N, Xiaomi Note 11S 6/64 Grey, Samsung Galaxy A13 128GB N Black , Apple iPhone 11 64GB Black and Samsung Galaxy A13 64GB N Blue. In the category of televisions, the Arielli, United and F&U brands stood out.

What home appliances are consumers looking for on Black Friday?

As it turns out, consumers love to … sweep as 58% purchased a vacuum cleaner. Air conditioners (27%) and washing machines (15%) also had their due on last year’s Black Friday, as several consumers made such a purchase.

What Instagram users voted for

This year, alongside the survey that Public Group ran about last year’s Black Friday, Instagram users had the opportunity to participate in a fun poll that Public created on their IG profile.

The Public asked and 81% of consumers said they look forward to Black Friday shopping, compared to just 19% who said no. The majority of consumers who made even one purchase last year feel satisfied with their Black Friday purchases!

Regarding the available budget, three quarters of users said that their purchases exceeded €100, while only 27% answered that they allocated less than €100. Regarding the final recipient of the purchases, 39% of users made purchases for personal use, 55% for personal use and to give a gift, while only 6% bought products for someone else.

And in 2022, technology items were the king of shopping, as nearly half of consumers polled, 43%, purchased products from this category. Home appliances follow with 16% and entertainment products with 9%. What is particularly interesting is that a significant percentage of consumers, 32%, bought any product they thought was at a good price.

Analyzing the criteria of buyers on the day of Black Friday, the vast majority (86%) answered that they need the big discounts, while significantly fewer users will buy because of the free shipping, the easy-to-use website and the smart services.

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