Patras: Thriller with a dead infant a few days old.

Patras: Thriller with a dead infant a few days old.
Patras: Thriller with a dead infant a few days old.

Thriller is developing in Patras in the last few hours with an infant just a few days old who suddenly lost his life.

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday night in the area of ​​BIOPA in Patra, when the authorities were informed of a dead infant.

An EKAV ambulance rushed the newborn to the University General Hospital of Patras where unfortunately the doctors declared him dead.

His sudden death leaves questions and the Police have already started investigations to ascertain the causes that led to the baby’s death.

It is noted that he is the second child to lose his life in one day in the wider area, as in Pyrgos last Saturday, a newborn “passed away” 15 minutes after he was born from encephalopathy.

A newborn died of encephalopathy after his birth in Pyrgos

A young couple in Pyrgos has plunged into deep mourning, who, a few minutes after their child was born, learned that the infant was dead.

Sources from the environment of the hospital, cited by the “Patris” newspaper, emphasized that the infant’s death was due to a very serious encephalopathy.

The woman was taken to hospital in excruciating pain

As the same medium notes, the encephalopathy was not noticed in time by the family, as, otherwise, it would have been diagnosed if the young mother had undergone an ultrasound.

By the same means, the woman carrying the child, who died 15 minutes after his birth, was admitted to the General Hospital of Pyrgos, and more specifically, to the Obstetrics Clinic of the institution, in the early hours of Friday morning, with horrible pains, and it was deemed necessary to have a caesarean section to give birth.


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