Komotini: One in three in the last fifteen years have reduced their outings for food, entertainment and fun

Komotini: One in three in the last fifteen years have reduced their outings for food, entertainment and fun
Komotini: One in three in the last fifteen years have reduced their outings for food, entertainment and fun

The residents of Rodopi have had to reduce unnecessary purchases at the super market, but also other unnecessary expenses in the last fifteen years, choosing to make their purchases in moderation and with enough restrictions to be able to meet the new requirements. How much did the economic hardship change their daily habits? What did they have to cut? They were asked to answer these questions. Between coffee and conversation, they revealed habits that have changed and others that are resisting.

According to a report by ERT Komotini, one in three respondents noted that the first thing they had to reduce somewhat in order to cope with expenses was unnecessary purchases, mainly super markets. Mostly women. One in three noted that they moderated outings for food, entertainment and fun. One in six noted that it had not changed at all. One in ten said they reduced the frequency of travel. And almost the same rate of reduction in the food market.

There were also cuts and reductions in other habits, such as in the purchase of cigarettes and alcohol. The majority of respondents were retired, noting that their priorities are other than going out and traveling. An example that still enjoys small excursions is the KAPI of the Municipality of Agia Larisa. With two tour buses, ninety-five (95) people visited Xanthi, Porto Lagos and Komotini over the weekend.

The response of the elderly is great“, Theodoros Drolias, former president of KAPI, which has 450 members, told ERT Komotini and noted that, despite the passage of years, there is still an interest in getting to know other places.

As noted by the choir teacher Christina Zeikou, despite the fact that they are numb financially due to the punctuality, they still make at least one trip out of two or three in the past. And the optimistic view: To believe in their country in order to be able to get out of the financial impasse urged the managing director of an Industrial Unit that celebrated its 25 years of establishment and operation and which currently employs 700 workers. Hosting scholars and engineers from Athens and the rest of Greece, he focused on the passion that should distinguish the people of the region who want to create, noting that there is a great interest in the Komotini BIPE and therefore in the creation of jobs that will provide jobs and income to residents.

Maria Nikolaou

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