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K. Skrekas: Thriasio will highlight Greece as a logistics hub

K. Skrekas: Thriasio will highlight Greece as a logistics hub
K. Skrekas: Thriasio will highlight Greece as a logistics hub

The Minister of Development and Investments noted that it will become the largest and first “smart”, “green” business park in SE Europe and also one of the most modern in Europe.

An application has been submitted for the establishment and development of the Single Large Unit Business Park “Triassio Shopping Center” in the Ministry of Development and the General Secretariat of Industrywith all the accompanying documents, as provided by the relevant joint ministerial decision No. 18211/2023 (B’ 1147).

The business plan in question concerns the development of the first Business Park in the area of ​​Logistics, with the following characteristics:

  • 260,626 sq.m. warehouse
  • 5,278 sq.m. supporting functions
  • 42,000 sq.m. container handling areas with terminal and warehouse (container terminal)
  • 7,250 m. of asphalt roads for heavy vehicles
  • 5,740 m. railway line
  • 1,140 m. railway loading and unloading docks
  • 165 outdoor parking spaces for large trucks
  • 1,279 outdoor car parking spaces cars
  • 385 positions of large vehicles for loading and unloading goods
  • Photovoltaic power units 10.20 MW with a 7MW storage system

THE Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekasstated: “The first and most important step for the realization of an emblematic investment, amount 220 million euros in the field of Logistics, it is done today by submitting a mature licensing proposal. “Thriasio” will become the largest and first “smart”, “green” business park in SE Europe and also one of its most modern Europe. A project that will establish the Hellas in a transit hub of international scope for Logistics, offering access to state-of-the-art digital infrastructures and innovative storage automation solutions. But also a project that will primarily contribute to the development of the Greek economy, by creating thousands of jobs”.

THE Managing Director of “Triasio Freight Center”, Vassilis Maglarasstated: “The Triasio Mercantile Center will become, with its operation, the vehicle for its promotion Greece in a modern, international hub of Southeast Europe in the logistics industry. This is the second largest private investment in Attica, after Greekwhich is implemented on a global scale 588,326 sq.m. In its final phase, the THEC expects to have more than 265 acres facilities, of which over 220,000 sq.m. they will concern multi-purpose ground floor spaces suitable for Logistics and light manufacturing. It is a project of which we are particularly proud, as it will be developed in modern and sustainable terms for society, the economy and the environment, in order to serve the development perspective of the country. We especially thank the political and administrative leadership of Ministries of Development and Infrastructure and Transport which contributed the most towards the realization of this emblematic investment”.

The General Secretary of Industry, Themis Eftychidou, said: “This is an investment that the country needs to further consolidate itself in the supply chain sector, and we, for our part, will do everything possible for rapid licensing and implementation her”.

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