Pain Clinic on Tuesday, November 7 at the Komotini Hospital.


The Pain and Palliative Care Clinic of Komotini General Hospital will participate again, in the Day of Pain Clinics and Palliative Care 2023, on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

The I.P.&P.F. Day is organized for 7the year from the Hellenic Society of Pain Treatment and Palliative Care (PARIS.SY.A). This Feast has now been established and is bearing fruit. Greek society embraces it because it is important and because strengthening the operation of Pain & Palliative Care Clinics is a need and a right for everyone.

The purpose of the initiative is to publicize and highlight the voluntary structures of Greek hospitals which have not yet been organically integrated into the National Health System. The special clinics in which patients seek treatment for their pain and regain their dignity continue to function thanks to the persistence, sensitivity and voluntary work of anesthetists/analgesics and other health workers, since the State, despite the interventions of the competent scientific companies, has not included them in the recent palliative care bill.

In Komotini, the I.P&P.F. is staffed by the Specialist Anesthesiologists – Analgesics: Bulent Kiamiloglou and Fani Arabatzidou.

The Clinic will be open in extended hours 10:00 to 18:00 her Tuesday, November 7 2023, like all I.P&P.F. of Greece. All interested parties are invited to make an appointment by phone 2531351332 or 2531351529.

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