The Northern Lights painted the sky red in Northern Greece


An extremely rare phenomenon lit up the Sunday sky in Northern Greece. The sky was made crimson as if a fiery front had broken out, but in reality it was the Northern Lights that turned night into day.

The reason that this phenomenon – which is a pole of attraction for millions of people who travel to the most North Countries to see it- was seen in the Balkans is one particularly strong geomagnetic storm (solar flare), underway in the North Hemisphere.

In the past it has appeared other times in our country, however this one it was the first to be seen even from the city of Thessaloniki. However, the date that is still remembered is October 25, 1870 when it was also visible in Athens.

According to a post by Theodoros Kolidas, the reason for the phenomenon was an extraordinary one strong solar flare which resulted in a particularly strong geomagnetic storm currently underway over the Northern Hemisphere.

How is the red color explained?

According to, its red color Northern Selaos due after collisions particles smaller of energy with oxygen atoms at high altitudes (240 km), after intense solar activity which causes a huge ejection of solar plasma from the surface of the Sun which is directed towards the Earth.

But when its color Northern Twilight is Greenis due to the collision of higher energy particles with oxygen atoms at lower altitudes, resulting in the production of photons that emit a green color.

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