How will Greece unite with Romania?

How will Greece unite with Romania?
How will Greece unite with Romania?

In 5 years, the Alexandroupoli-Konstazza highway will be ready, through Bulgaria.

In the final stretch it seems that the big one is coming road projectwhich will connect the Hellas with the Romaniabeing an important hub for the Balkans.

Her plan Bulgarian government for the creation of a road axis that will connect it Alexandroupolis and Ormenio of Evros with the Constance of Romania was presented by the Minister of Finance of Bulgaria, Assen Vassilev, at the first international conference Southeast Europe Connectivity Forum (SECF).

The Bulgarian Minister of Finance developed his government’s plan for the interconnection of the country with the wider region. A key role in this planning is occupied by the North-South connection with the construction of a highway, which will connect Greece and Romania through Bulgaria, a project for which a joint statement was signed during the meeting of the prime ministers in Varna.

As Mr. Vassiliev mentioned, a guarantee of six billion euros has been included in the budget for this corridor and the selection of the consortium contractor that will undertake its construction is expected.

In a question about the financing of the project, the Minister of Finance of Bulgaria said that the country will request money from European Union to offset costs, however will not stop the project pending funding.

“The money is already available and of course we can also help neighboring countries so that it can be completed faster. It is very important for the trade between the countries especially after the war in Ukraine and now in Gaza”, he underlined, pointing out that it is a very important project, so that the trade does not rely on the Black Sea, which he described as a “lake of the Russians”.

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