A call to an all-education rally on Monday


“The university envisioned and created by the government of ND by stepping on what was created by the previous governments SYRIZA, PASOK is hostile to our needs, consciously incapable of giving us the resources for comprehensive studies and degrees with value. Consciously able to appeal to entrepreneurs and their profits over our own anxieties. This university is hostile to our “wants”, little to the possibilities of the time and our dreams. That’s what we’ll be on the road for, for degrees with value and free studies. This is what is modern for students”, say, among other things, the representatives of the student associations of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Medicine, Materials Science Engineering, Biological Applications and Technologies and Primary Education Pedagogy, calling on the student councils to take participation decisions, making their own demands.

The student-student mobilizations are supported by the Parents’ Union, calling on teachers of Secondary Education to join the competition with the students, according to the decision of the OLME for a work stoppage. “We claim together with our children a school that will educate and not exterminate, that will respond to their modern needs. We claim with them a life that will have value and will not be exposed to rain, fire, earthquake. We express our solidarity with the people of Palestine by demanding an end to the carnage and to our country’s involvement in the war”, states, among other things, the Parents’ Union.


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