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A show of strength in Corfu by the unstoppable GAS that took the top spot

A show of strength in Corfu by the unstoppable GAS that took the top spot
A show of strength in Corfu by the unstoppable GAS that took the top spot

A show of strength in Corfu by the unstoppable GAS that took the top spot

She has been sitting at the top of the scoreboard since the afternoon
On Sunday, GAS Svoronou, who passed like a siphon from Corfu
winning 0-3 against AE Lefkimmi in the context of the 9th game of the 2nd
group of the 3rd national team.
Our team played an amazing game, the best of this year
season, dominating state by state inside the playing field and could
even the score to reach even higher levels. With two goals in the
first part and one in the finale of the game GAS escaped from their island
Faiakon making his afternoon much easier than this
The “black and yellow” defied the great fatigue of the journey as well as the
peculiarities of the field (synthetic turf) and celebrated it
their fourth consecutive victory which even brought them for the first time in
top of the group taking advantage of the National Youth’s loss of points

GAS started the match with the best omens after managing to
took the lead just in the 3rd minute of the match, when after a cross from Voulgaris
from the left side, Kyparissis with a close header sent the ball to
nets putting his team in the driver’s seat.
Nikos Theodosiadis’ team continued to dominate the pitch,
was in control of the game and in the 26th minute he laid a solid foundation to reach the
Desired outcome. In particular, Kontothanasis fed with excellent
vertical pass to Lamboglou and he passed the ball over with an excellent placement
by the opposing goalkeeper making it 0-2 and scoring it
his maiden goal with the GAS jersey. In this 45 minutes the “yellow and black”

presented great opportunities to find other goals with their attackers
Lampoglou, Batzoni and Kyparissi.
In the second half, the image of the match did not change, with the players of Nikos
Theodosiadis to have the reins of the fight and to be extremely committed and
in the tactical part keeping the opponent away from threatening situations.
Our team also missed important opportunities in this half with Kyrtegos
and Kyparissis to further expand the score index something that the
he finally did in the third minute of stoppage time. Two football players
that passed as a change in the game, Troumbalos and Xydous worked together
effectively, with the former serving and the latter shaping with
close to 0-3 scoring his first goal with the

With this three point GAS Svoronou reached 20 points, he is alone
top of the 2nd group and next week travel to
Igoumenitsa in order to face Thesprotos (12/11 – 15:00) at
context of the 10th game of the championship.

The referee of the match was Ms. Pigiou (EPS Thesprotia) with first assistant Mr.
Vlahodemos (EPS of Etoloakarnania) and second assistant Mr. Baka (EPS

Team compositions:
AE Lefkimmis (Panagiotis Korombokis): Pakratis, Kurt, Mokovila,
Vassilakis, Vassakis, Gasteratos, Grigoriadis, Zervas, Costakiotis, Balos,
GAS Svoronou (Nikos Theodosiadis): Painter, Kotsiopoulos, Phytopoulos,
Voulgaris, Karagounis, Mistridis, Kontothanasis, Lampoglou,
Demirtzoglou, Batzonis, Kyparissis.

The management of GAS Svoronos warmly thanks the team of AE Lefkimmi for
the impeccable hospitality and wishes her well for the rest of the season.

Yours sincerely
Press Office of GAS Svoronos

The article is in Greek


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