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Poll: A Society of Reduced Expectations in an Age of Multi-Crisis


In the new nationwide survey of public opinion by Metron Analysis, the attitude of citizens towards the political system in an era of multi-crises, their trust in institutions, their disposition for reforms, and the evaluation of the functioning of the democratic state in the country are examined.

The poll was done on behalf of the Idea Circle and was presented at the conference taking place November 5-7 at the Great Britain Hotel.

“The Greek political issue – A triple asymmetry” is the title of the research that found a disproportion between social demands and elaborated and accepted political solutions.

As mentioned we live in an age of lowered expectations. There is, however, a social substrate receptive to reforms for the better functioning of democracy, but the political system is unable to both describe these changes and assume a guiding-pedagogical role.

Citizens are looking for institutional counterweights, but the opposition seems not to be among them

From the survey data, it appears that the large majority considers the state to be insufficient in the era of multi-crises we are going through, while the responsibilities are laid mainly on the political system. The previous governments are responsible for the current image of the state, most of them answer, while immediately afterwards they consider the current government responsible.

Citizens are looking for institutional counterweights, but the opposition seems not to be among them. First place in citizens’ trust is occupied by independent authorities, followed by the judiciary. The media comes last on the list.

Society is receptive to reforms but the political system is reluctant

The majority from 2017 to date seem to be consistently seeking reforms in our society, but the proposed changes from the political system seem to merely renew the reform agenda, without the changes being implemented.

As for the international level, in a period of intense geopolitical developments, it seems that “belonging” to the European context is entrenched, but also the desire for a distinct role for the EU in relation to the USA.

Regarding Greek-Turkish, the majority believes that the neighboring country should remain in NATO and that the dialogue between the two countries should cover all issues raised by both sides.

Citizens evaluate democracy in our country as a democracy with many problems, while most do not see their views in the positions of the parties. Citizens’ alienation from the party system constitutes an existential threat to democracy “from within”.

All research here

See the research findings in detail

Below are the findings on citizens’ expectations, willingness to reform, and disenchantment with the political system. The answers are also evaluated based on the political origin of the respondents.

Polycrisis, state and institutions

Cooperation governments or self-reliant governments

The attitude towards the EU and Turkey

Deficit democracy

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