Stefanos Kasselakis / “We are listening to the citizens, we are preparing a modern Greece”

Stefanos Kasselakis / “We are listening to the citizens, we are preparing a modern Greece”
Stefanos Kasselakis / “We are listening to the citizens, we are preparing a modern Greece”

The tour carried out yesterday in Corinth and Nemea by Stefanos Kasselakis.

THE president of SYRIZA-PS with today’s post on Instagram, he very briefly summarized the message from his visit yesterday, accompanying the photos he “uploaded” with the following message: “Our culture, our products, the untapped potential of our country, the voice of the farmers who see their land being deserted.

We are listening to the citizens, we are preparing a modern Greece”.

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The visit to Corinth and the messages about justice and eavesdropping

During his tour, Mr Stefanos Kasselakis he had the opportunity to get in touch and talk with citizens, but also with local institutions.

The society of Corinth gave him a warm welcome. “You will change everything. We are with you”a man told him, continuing how “society, the world outside, grandmothers, grandfathers, are with you. They say about Kasselakis”.

In fact, during his visit, Stefanos Kasselakis also spoke with a cancer patient, who revealed to him: “I don’t dare to think that I will go back to this hospital that postpones chemotherapy treatments, they don’t have anesthesia, they don’t have surgery, they don’t they have materials, they have nothing.”

The president of SYRIZA-PS met open hugs in the faces of the citizens of Corinth. In fact, when a citizen called him handsome, he replied that “it’s the inside that counts, nobody chooses the outside”.

Message of support to Greek producers

Stefanos Kasselakis initially sent the message of support to Greek wine producers, visiting the Gofa Winery in Koutsi Nemea. During his tour of the winery, Stefanos Kasselakis pointed out the possibilities of creating domestic know-how in the field of industrial production of equipment for the needs of wine producers, while he praised the quality of Greek wines, talking to the people of the winery. “We rely on you to cultivate our own know-how in these”, said the President of SYRIZA – PS, to then add: “We have excellent quality wines. They have an excellent brand abroad, very good value for money and we need to create an ‘ecosystem’ around it and combine it with tourism and culture.”

Stefanos Kasselakis also touched on the big issue of financing small and medium business activity in Greece, sharing the difficulties it faces. “What is happening in Greece with the banks is a big mockery. The credit-debit difference in interest rates is huge and there is no justification for it,” he stressed.

Visiting the archaeological site of Nemea, Mr. Kasselakis showed particular interest and was informed extensively about the challenges it faces, the main one being the restoration of the monuments, for which there is a ready study, but it is not implemented.

Touching on the issue of the need to utilize related programs, the President of SYRIZA – PS pointed out that “here we should have had students from many foreign universities, we should have had young children see the process, it should have become a development center, a combination of education, archaeological study and tourism”. “I don’t understand why we are not doing the right thing to be able to highlight this cultural monument, so that a local development can be created around it. It is common sense which unfortunately we do not see in our country”, said the President of SYRIZA – PS, after the end of his visit.

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