Lawyer of 11-year-old boy who was attacked by a pit bull at We will claim compensation

Lawyer of 11-year-old boy who was attacked by a pit bull at We will claim compensation
Lawyer of 11-year-old boy who was attacked by a pit bull at We will claim compensation

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The family’s lawyer, Dimitris Beldekos, made new statements regarding the attack on the 11-year-old child by a pit bull dog in Spata (26/10) on

By Miltos Sakellaris

“Our law office already as of 10/31/2023 took over the representation of the family of the minor victim, and it is obvious that we will exercise the right given to us by the law on the declaration of support for a charge in the near future,” he pointed out and continued : “Given the serious clinical and forensic findings, we declare that we expect to ascertain the legal characterization that Mr. Plemmeliodikans will give, and we will add evidence for its correctness, so that it is proportional to the gravity of the act.”

In addition, he told that “we declare that we will proceed with the assertion of civil claims”.

The Chronicles

Everything happened on Andrianou Street. The little boy went out for a ride on his bike and was suddenly attacked by the pit bull.

According to the police investigation, “the quadruped, after biting the minor on the legs, threw him off the bike and was trying to pull him first by the legs and then bit him on the head and neck.”

“It happened on the road, he took it off the bike. The first one that hit him is on the feet. It’s on both legs, that’s where he started and took it with a hoe in the holly and hit it backwards”, emphasizes the mother of the minor.

The boy fell to the ground covered in blood, tried to avoid the bites and at the same time to push the pit bull away with his hands. The place was deserted and no one was passing by to help the child, who received most of the blows to the neck and head. “The minor, after fighting for a few minutes with the quadruped, succeeded and pushed it away by putting his hand in the dog’s mouth several times. He then got up and walked home, where his mother found him,” according to police.

The 11-year-old’s mother describes that “he tried, opened his mouth and put his hands four times inside the dog’s stomach, so the dog was a bit dizzy, as if he was vomiting, and so he moved away. He got up, then he came to him again, and then he fell down and made him faint, as if dead, so that the dog could run away.’

The child, who was in a miserable condition and losing blood, began to walk with difficulty. His father remembers those moments when he feared for his son’s life and asks for the exemplary punishment of the guardian of the animal.

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