PAOK 2-4: “Two-headed” party, with Panathinaikos winning

PAOK 2-4: “Two-headed” party, with Panathinaikos winning
PAOK 2-4: “Two-headed” party, with Panathinaikos winning

The game went smoothly and PAOK celebrated a great victory in “Karaiskakis” over Olympiakos.. The Thessalonikians were hosted at Faliri Stadium for the 10th matchday of Super League 1 and won 4-2.

A “magical” night for PAOK who turned the derby into a party and celebrated their biggest victory at the home of Olympiakos. Zivkovic, Brandon Thomas (x2) and Ozdoev the scorers for PAOK, with the hosts reducing to 2-4 with Fortunis and Masoura scoring.

First half

In the 6th minute, it became the first candidate of the phase, when after a turn by Porozos, Paschalakis made a belated chase. Tomas reached the ball with his body, but it did not go towards the goal.

Olympiakos’ first final was also the first on target. Fortounis found space outside the area in the 12th minute, with his shot ending up in the arms of Kotarski.

Alexandropoulos had the next shot in the 22nd minute, with the ball ending up quite high over Kotarski’s posts. A match with minimal phases. PAOK is well organized in defense, while the same applies to Olympiakos, who have no difficulty defending against counter attacks.

The longest phase of the game took place in the 23rd minute. Kostas Fortounis made a turn from the right after a pass from Rodinei. Podense found himself in touch, but Kotarski had covered his goal and saved.

PAOK threatened for the first time in the 25th minute, when after Zivkovic’s corner and Rodinei’s clearance, Koulierakis shot from inside the wide area, with the ball ending up wide.

Zivkovic also had his own chance in the 30th minute, but his shot from the side ended up several meters out.

PAOK was finally the one who was lucky to score in the 39th minute. In an unsuspecting phase, Bamba made the overlap, took the cross from the left, Zivkovic made the shot, with Paschalakis misjudging and the ball ending up in the net.

PAOK had gone to the locker room with a 1-0 lead, in a match that had brought it to its own devices.

Second half

The first phase of the second part belonged to Olympiakos. Fortounis shot from the height of the large area, with the ball ending up wide.

PAOK, however, took measures, entered the area and in the 53rd minute, after a bad marking by Porozo, won a penalty with Brandon Thomas. The same player executed accurately in the 56th minute and doubled his team’s goals.

PAOK played their game at “Karaiskakis”. It seemed especially after the goal, that he felt even more comfortable. Which… came out in the 66th minute, when after a perfect cooperation and assist by Murg, Brandon Thomas scored for the second time and made it 0-3.

PAOK, which showed that it wanted to take advantage of the opportunity it was given, managed to score a fourth goal in the 78th minute. The young “wizard” of PAOK, Constantelias, made Olympiakos’ defense up and down.

He gave a take-put goal to Ozdoev, who in an empty net did not miss.

Olympiacos managed to reduce the score with an excellent placement by Fortounis from a lateral position in the 86th minute. The final 2-4 was formed by Giorgos Masouras.

The elevens:

Olympiacos (Diego Martinez): Paschalakis, Rodinei, Porozo, Retsos, Alexandropoulos, Kamara, Ese, Podense, Fortunis, El Kaabi

PAOK (Lucescu): Kotarski, Sastre, Kenziora, Koulierakis, Baba, Meite, Ozdoev, Murg, Zivkovic, Tyson, Brandon Thomas

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