Energy communities need real support


The MP P.E. Kozanis and Head of Tourism of SYRIZA P.S. Mr. Kalliopi Vetta made an intervention at the “Forum for the energy communities in Western Macedonia” held yesterday in Kozani.

Ms. Vetta stated that energy communities both in general and specifically in Western Macedonia are the right tool for energy democracy, as citizen participation, affordable energy and diffusion of benefits are a significant gain in a region plagued by violent de-lignitization.

He mentioned, in particular, that SYRIZA P.S. – during the period of his government there was institutional shielding and financial support for the Communities – he argues in his program that at least 50% of the new licenses will concern energy communities and self-production, while simultaneously removing the obstacles imposed by the government of the Netherlands, restoring the priority in granting licenses and connection conditions for communities, and special financing tools.

Afterwards, the MP P.E. Kozanis stated that the government, with a series of decisions, proves that it fully rewards large investments in the field of A.P.E. disregarding the articles communities, small investors and self-producers.

In particular, he pointed out that Y.A. of last August, which gave time priority to the big investors in the connection with the electricity sector, the division of projects and studies that fell to the CoE but, above all, the deception with the special zoning for A.P.E. which has been announced for 4 years, prove that the government has decided that energy democracy and justice are not on its agenda.

In closing, Ms. Vetta emphasized that the green transition and energy democracy are two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other. The activation of citizens, the proper utilization of available resources and the development of A.P.E. from energy communities must is the future.

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