Students on the streets on Monday 6/11 – On their side and the teachers with a 3-hour work stoppage

Students on the streets on Monday 6/11 – On their side and the teachers with a 3-hour work stoppage
Students on the streets on Monday 6/11 – On their side and the teachers with a 3-hour work stoppage

Student rallies tomorrow, Monday, November 6, across the country. On their side and the teachers with a 3-hour work stoppage

The Coordinating Committee of Students of Athens, calls at 12:00 in Propylaiathe students in protest to protest the lack of security in schools, the meager funding in Education, the repeal of the Kerameos law for private universities, but also the accuracy that plagues the country.

“Everything good happens, everything we achieve, we do only when we fight, when we show solidarity, when we are all for one and one for all”, emphasizes the Coordinating Committee of Students of Athens and adds that “this happened in Thessaly, in the fires, this is done in every school and every school year that with our competitions we succeed from the smallest to the largest”.

It is noted that the mobilization of the Student Coordination Committee of Athens is also supported by the Federation of Parents of Attica.

Details of the student marches on Monday 6/11

Athens, 12 m. Propylaia. (also supported by the Attica Parents Federation).

Thessaloniki, 11 am, Statue of Venizelos

Agrinio, 10 am, Dimadi square

Alexandroupoli, 12 m., town hall

Argostoli, 10 am, central square

Arta, 10.30 pm, Kilkis square

Volos, 12 m., Tholos

Ioannina, 12 m., District

Zakynthos, 11 am, Agios Markos square

Heraklion, 10 am, Eleftheria square

Kavala, 12 m., Eleftherias square

Kalamata, 12 m., City Hall

Karpenisi, 12 m., central square

Corfu, 11 am, General High School

Kozani, 11 am, central square

Komotini, 12 m., central square

Lamia, 12 m., Eleftherias square

Larissa, 12.30 pm, central square

Livadia, 11 am, Zappeio

Nafplio, 11 am, Town Hall Square

Xanthi, 12 m., central square

Patras, 12 m., Georgiou square

Preveza, 10.30 am, old KTEL

Pyrgos, 10.30 am, central square

Rethymno, 11 am, town hall

Rhodes, 11 am, 1st GEL (“Smoke”)

Serres, 1 p.m., Vice-region (former Prefecture)

Sparta, 11.30 am, central square

Trikala, 12 m., Riga Feraou

Florina, 11 am, Modi square

Chalkida, 11 am, Beach (Statues)

Chania, 10 am, Agora

Psachna, 11 a.m., town hall

On the side of the students and the teachers with a 3-hour work stoppage

The teachers are supporting the students’ mobilizations, proceeding with facilitative 3-hour work stoppages from 11:00 to 14:00 so that the teachers can also participate in the rally. As they point out in their announcement, “the struggle of our students is fair, their demands are also demands of the educational movement”.

“We claim a school that will educate and not exterminate, that will respond to the modern needs of our students. At the same time, we express our solidarity with the people of Palestine by demanding an end to the slaughter and the involvement of the country in the war”, the teachers say.

The announcement of the Coordinating Committee of the Students of Athens about their demands that bring them down to the street

1. WE WANT SAFE AND MODERN SCHOOLS! OUR SCHOOLS ARE SENDING SOS AND WE WON’T LET THEM BECOME A DANGER: Old and dangerous buildings with falling ceilings and windows, plaster and flooded front yards and shipping containers at the first rain. Our lives in schools cost dearly to the government and Ministries. Promises for upgrading, modernization, pitches and interactive tables that we keep hearing and not seeing. Enough is enough – Checks and security in all schools here and now!

2. WE WANT MONEY FOR EDUCATION! FOR BUILDINGS- TEACHERS- INFRASTRUCTURES- BOOKS! Another year the school budget is submitted and another year the money you give is the same. Elsewhere, to big businessmen, shipowners and industrialists you know how to give them, to us whatever is left over! We demand an increase here and now! To make schools and their infrastructure modern! In order to permanently cover all the vacancies in teachers, especially in specialties at EPAL and Music-Art Schools. So that we are not 25+ students per class. To finance the school trips and so that none of us misses a trip for financial reasons! For all schools to have heating.

3. WHY WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INJUSTICE BECOMING A LAW AT SCHOOL. NOT EVEN THINKING ABOUT PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES FOR THOSE FEW WHO HAVE TO PAY AND FOR THE MANY EXAMS FROM PRIMARY SCHOOL! We, the many students, struggle with endless exams, tutorials, EBE, Subject Bank, material- mountain, stress, pressure (and new exams that you say you will bring to the Gymnasium and nationwide in all classes of the Lyceum with the national baccalaureate) and make our dreams come true and those who have money just buy a college degree? Does that seem fair to you? Is not! Don’t even think about it – We will stop you!

4. BECAUSE PRECISION IS SWEEPING OUR HOMES, WAR OUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND WE ARE FILLED EVERYWHERE WITH DISASTER FROM FIRE, FLOOD, EARTHQUAKE! WE CAN’T STAND ANY LONGER TO SEE THIS MASSACRE IN PALESTINE! THAT’S ENOUGH! WE WANT PEACE AND FREEDOM IN PALESTINE! Your state, your governments and Ministries ignore our needs, they choose to give it all for the profits of the few, to finance wars, to give our country’s lands and our families’ money to NATO to send ships and weapons to make wars, to kill people, and we with our families to struggle even for the simplest things! These days, we are strengthening the struggle and solidarity with the people of Palestine and their just demand to have their own homeland, to be freed from the occupation of Israel.

5. Why Everything good happens, everything we achieve, we do only when we fight, when we show solidarity, when we are all for one and one for all! This happened in Thessaly, in the fires, this happens in every school and every school year that with our struggles we succeed from the smallest (covering gaps, repairs to school buildings) to the largest (delays and withdrawal of laws)! We do not leave anyone alone and no one alone in difficulties! That’s why it’s time to hit the road again!



– We call on all schools to make decisions to participate in the nationwide day of sit-ins and marches. The 15 members of the schools in each city should be contacted and student marches should be organized everywhere on November 6 in Districts, Regions and City Halls for the problems and claims of each region.

– We ask for the support of parents and teachers, as well as students, the whole people. May all of us march together!

– In each region, we are coordinating the schools with each other, we are operating our coordinating committees again and we are making posters, banners everywhere, we are making it known on the internet and social media about the appointment on 6/11.


– Increasing the state budget for education

– Safe and modern school buildings. Checks, repairs and measures to be taken for earthquakes, floods

– To fill all vacancies in teachers. Hiring more teachers to break up the classes and so that meaningful remedial teaching can work for the children who need it

– Upgrading the infrastructure in our schools, the laboratories in EPAL and in general, the sports venues, the cultural infrastructure

– To fund all school trips, so that no student misses them

– No thought for Private Universities and for nationwide ones throughout the High School, additional examinations in the High School

– Reduction of prices in school canteens with removal of VAT and free lunch/snack from the Ministry of Education

– Not a single euro from our pockets for heating, consumables

– Free transport for students to MMM

– Abolition of EBE and Subject Bank



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