The Arios, Ammos and Mikromanis sewage network begins

The Arios, Ammos and Mikromanis sewage network begins
The Arios, Ammos and Mikromanis sewage network begins

The signatures have been signed and the project begins

It was signed by the mayor and president of DEYA Kalamata, Thanasis Vassilopoulos and the legal representative of the contractor company “Panagiotis Michalitsis Anonymos Technical Construction Contracting Commercial and Energy Company” with d.o. “LAKON ATE”, contract for the implementation of the “Arios, Ammos and Mikromanis sewage network”, budget 4,500,000 euros plus VAT.

The project in question is financed by the Recovery and Resilience Fund through the Action “Treatment and purification of urban wastewater of environmentally sensitive settlements and modernization of facilities in selected cities”, Sub-project “a. Sewer network infrastructure and sewage treatment facilities (E.E.L).”.

During the signing of the project yesterday, at the offices of DEYA Kalamata, in the presence of the president of the Arios Community, Grigoris Kostopoulos, the mayor Thanasis Vassilopoulos said: “We are signing today (ss. yesterday) the implementation of another important infrastructure project. For a project that we claimed, we secured its financing and with very fast procedures we auctioned and reached the signing of the contract today.

The project concerns the construction of the internal waste drainage networks of the Local Communities of Arios, Ammos and Mikromani, as well as the central transport pipelines from these Communities to the central pipelines that lead the waste to the Biological Treatment of Kalamata.

This is a development that makes us happy, as our design yields specific results. Now, with the implementation of this project, the way is opened so that in the next phase we can claim and implement the construction of the network that will serve areas such as Ariochori, Alonia, Plati and then the area of ​​Arfari”.

The play

As for the “Arios, Ammos and Mikromanis sewage network” project, the network starts from the farthest from EEL, the settlement of Ammos.

The central collector following a southeast direction is placed on existing roads within the limits of the residential zones of Ammos and Ari and receives the sewage of the two settlements. In this section, the central collector receives the waste water through the secondary pipes or with direct connections.

Afterwards, the central sewerage pipe is a transport pipe, it is placed on existing roads and, following a south-east course, it receives the sewage of Mikromani.

Finally, it turns to the south and ends up in the central sewerage system of Messina. To complete the drainage of the three local Communities, a total of 26,360 meters of networks will be constructed.

For the proper operation of the project, plus the networks, it is planned to build six pumping stations in total. The central pumping station for all the sewage of the settlements of Ari and Ammos (A/S A1), the A/S Mikromanis for all the sewage of Mikromani and four smaller ones that cover parts of the sewage network of Ari and Ammos (A/ S Ari 1, A/S Ari 2, A/S Ammou 1 and A/S Ammou 2).

All pumping stations will be underground, and it is planned to be placed on roads, they have a similar layout, rectangular shape, but different dimensions, which depend on the level of the inflow pipelines and the necessary volume of regulation.

Finally, in order for the project to be fully functional, all private connections will be constructed. The total number of planned private connections was estimated from the number of dwellings of the most recent census equal to 1060 pcs. In detail, the private connections per settlement will be: 1. Local Community Arios 620 connections. 2. Local Community of Ammos 140 connections. 3. Local Community of Mikromani 300 connections.

Where practicable, the domestic connection pipe shall discharge into a visit well of the sewage network. In the other positions it will be connected to the sewage pipe. The connections of the pipes of the private connections to the sewage ducts shall be absolutely watertight by the use of mechanically clamped clamps.

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